Shaun Nichols

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Shaun Nichols
ResidenceTucson, AZ
NationalityUnited States
EraContemporary philosophy
RegionWestern philosophy
SchoolExperimental philosophy

Shaun Nichols is a professor in the Philosophy department at the University of Arizona.[1]


Nichols received his PhD. in Philosophy from Rutgers in 1992 under the supervision of Stephen Stich [2] and his BA in Philosophy from Stanford. His early work was concerned primarily with questions in theory of mind. Subsequently, he became a leading contributor to experimental philosophy and was awarded the Stanton Prize by the Society for Philosophy and Psychology in 2005.[3] He is also currently a member of the Experimental Philosophy Lab at the University of Arizona.


Nichols's current research projects are in experimental philosophy, moral psychology, cultural evolution, free will, and the self.[2]

Experimental philosophy[edit]

In his work within experimental philosophy, Nichols has addressed questions about cross-cultural differences in semantic intuitions,[4] free will,[5][6] intentional action,[7][8][9] the nature of moral judgment,[10][11][12] and a number of other key philosophical concepts.



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