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Shavit Ben-Arie (Hebrew: שביט בן-אריה‎‎; born 1985) is an Israeli activist, author of the book Havrot HaKnesset: Nashim Movilot Be'Israel (literally "Female Members of the Knesset: Leading Women in Israel").

Ben-Arie holds an undergraduate degree in political science, sociology and anthropology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a graduate degree in government and public policy. While in his studies he represented Israel in numerous international forums, including his selection as a sole representative from his country to the International Youth Leadership Conference.[1] In 2015 he took part in an election observation mission in Estonia.[2]

In 2004, Ben-Arie initiated a gathering of all women to serve throughout the years in the Israeli parliament – the Knesset.[3] Preparations to the event led to his initiative documenting the lives and public actions of all female Knesset members.[4]

Over the years of writing his book, Ben-Arie has had personal contact with 70 of Israel's female MKs.[5] His book was published on International Women's Day in 2011 and introduced to the public for the first time by Knesset member Tzipi Hotovely in a festive sitting of the parliamentary committee on the status of women. Alongside the life stories of all women to serve in the Israeli parliament in the years 1949-2011, a historical chapter includes a first of its kind listing of women who served in the Assembly of Representatives during the British Mandate for Palestine. It has been nominated for several awards at Yad Ben Zvi, Shazar Center for Jewish History and the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport.[6]

Ben-Arie lectures in Israel and abroad on women in Israeli politics. In December 2012 he led five sessions at the International Limmud Conference held at Warwick University[5] and in 2014 a new series of twelve lectures was issued, focusing on women members of the First Knesset. The Women's Parliament organization honored his "contribution to the public awareness of women's leadership" with a "Man of the Year" title for 2012-13.[7]

In 2011 he began volunteering with Yad Levi Eshkol.


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