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Shavit Ben-Arie (Hebrew: שביט בן-אריה‎; born 1985) is author of the book Havrot HaKnesset: Nashim Movilot Be'Israel (literally "Female Members of the Knesset: Leading Women in Israel").

In 2004, he initiated a gathering of all women to serve throughout the years in the Israeli parliament – the Knesset.[1] Preparations to the event led to his initiative documenting the lives and public actions of all female Knesset members.[2] The book showcases the life stories of all women to serve in the Israeli parliament in the years 1949-2011, alongside a historical chapter listing women who served in the Assembly of Representatives during the British Mandate for Palestine.

Over the years of writing his book, Ben-Arie has had personal contact with 70 of Israel's female MKs.[3] His book was published on International Women's Day in 2011 and introduced in a festive sitting of the parliamentary committee on the status of women.

Ben-Arie holds an undergraduate degree in political science, sociology and anthropology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a graduate degree in government and public policy. Ben-Arie lectures in Israel and abroad on women in Israeli politics.

The Women's Parliament organization honored his "contribution to the public awareness of women's leadership" with a "Man of the Year" title for 2012-13.[4]


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