Shavnabada Monastery

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Shavnabada Monastery
The mountaintop monastic complex of Shavnabada.
Shavnabada Monastery is located in Georgia (country)
Shavnabada Monastery
Shown within Georgia (country)
Basic information
Location On Shavnabada Mountain, 8 km away from the village of Tabatskuri, Bakuriani is located 20 km northwest, Samtskhe-Javakheti Province (Mkhare),  Georgia
Geographic coordinates 41°37′30″N 43°42′15″E / 41.6250°N 43.7042°E / 41.6250; 43.7042Coordinates: 41°37′30″N 43°42′15″E / 41.6250°N 43.7042°E / 41.6250; 43.7042
Affiliation Georgian Orthodox Church
Region Caucasus
Country Georgia
Status Active
Architectural description
Architectural type Georgian; Monastery
Architectural style Monastic complex

Shavnabada Monastery (Georgian: შავნაბადა, translit.: shavnabada; also Shavnabada Monastery of St. George) is a medieval Georgian Orthodox monastic complex that is located upon Shavnabada Mountain, approximately 8 km away from the village of Tabatskuri and 20 km southeast of Bakuriani, in the Samtskhe-Javakheti Province (Mkhare), of Georgia.

It was named in honor of St. George who, according to a local legend, wore a black cloak (Georgian: shavi nabadi, hence the mountain’s name) while leading the army of the king of Georgia in one of the victorious battles of the time. The monastery of Shavnabada is known for a rare variety of wine, also called Shavnabada, made by the monks there.[1]


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