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Shaw TV Edmonton is a cable television community channel in Edmonton, Alberta and is a division of Shaw Communications. It provides locally focused programming and community access on Shaw TV Channel 10. Programming is available to Shaw Cablesystems subscribers in the Edmonton Capital region, including Barrhead, Alberta and Westlock, Alberta.[1]

Shaw TV Community Television in Edmonton was founded as community access Channel 10 CCTV (Capital Cable Television) in 1966, and began televising programming to subscribers in 1971. Capital Cable started with a small one camera studio, and featured a few hours a day of live programs produced by volunteers, community, and ethnic groups. The service now features full studio multi-camera and remote broadcast facilities, and full-time production staff located in West Edmonton, Alberta. On August 15, 2017 Shaw Communications cancelled Channel 10 programming and got rid of the channel completely. [2]

Community Television in Edmonton[edit]

The Edmonton operation is one of over 20 Shaw TV studios located across Canada (Northern Ontario to Vancouver Island), each focusing on their respective communities. The company reported in 2013 that Shaw TV stations produce more than 9,000 hours of local programming a year. They promise that viewers in each of their communities will receive hyper-local news, information, sports and weather.

Local Programming History[edit]

Channel 10 Edmonton features some of the longest running community access programming in Canada. Panorama Italiano began at sign-on in 1966 with original host Alfonso Iafolla who was drafted by the first Programming Manager Ernie Poscente. Another program, Image India, has been produced for over 28 consecutive years and is supported by the Northern Alberta South Asian community.

Majida Ali co-produced and hosted the show brilliantly for over a period of five years. Majida Ali since then got married and moved on to Ottawa to pursue her studies at Carleton University.

Programming in 2013[edit]

In 2013, Shaw TV Edmonton has joined with Shaw TV systems across Western Canada to televise programming of interest to multiple regions. This includes a full schedule of Western Hockey League (WHL) games featuring the local Edmonton Oil Kings, Curling, and Soccer. Shaw TV Edmonton made an entry into the national programming market in 2012 - 13 with the production of the episodic television series The Proposal.[3]


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