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Shaw TV Winnipeg is a cable television community channel in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, operating on cable channel 9. The channel is part of Shaw Communications's Shaw TV network of community channels.

Shaw TV also airs Winnipeg City Council coverage, Manitoba Moose hockey, Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball, Signal to Noise, University of Manitoba Bisons football, and WHL hockey.

On-air staff[edit]

  • Jessica Cable - general assignment reporter, go!Winnipeg (October 2013 – present) (Formerly of go!Lethbridge)
  • Laura Meuckon (née Reavie) - "Open Road" reporter/host (2007–present) (Formerly of CJBN Kenora)
  • Tracy Koga - "Backstage" reporter/host (formerly known as Arts & Entertainment) (2001–present) (Formerly danced with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet)
  • Kim Kaschor - general assignment reporter, go!Winnipeg (September 2011 – present) (Formerly of City Winnipeg)
  • Al Foster - Shaw TV Sports host (November 2013 – present) (Formerly of CBC and CKRW Whitehorse)
  • Jeff Bromley - "Signal To Noise" (on hiatus) host/videographer (2004–present)

Former on-air staff[edit]

  • Jeremy "Jay" Williams/Williamez - General Assignment Reporter (September 2011 - 2013)
  • Kim Babij - "Fabulous Blue Bomber Show" host/main show host (2005–present) (Formerly of CBC Winnipeg, CJOB radio Winnipeg)
  • Mitchell Clinton - Shaw TV Sports host (September 2011 – present)


Before both were acquired by Shaw, Videon and Greater Winnipeg Cablevision were very notable for their public access programming that aired on VPW (Videon Public-Access Winnipeg, later Videon Cable 11) and VSP (Videon Special Programming), both in the Videon area, and GWC-TV in the Greater Winnipeg Cablevision area. One of its most controversial and most watched programs was The Pollock & Pollock Gossip Show, an unclassifiable program where "Rockin’ Ronnie" Pollock spinning tunes while his sister, “Nifty Natalie”, would indulge in extremely questionable dancing and other oddball skits. The show aired from 1985 until its abrupt cancellation in 1989. [1] Ron and Natalie would later attempt, at separate times, to run for mayor in Winnipeg, both with minimal success.

Other notable programs included:

  • 3003
  • Mike's Magic Castle
  • S*U*R*V*I*V*A*L
  • Math with Marty
  • Metal Inquisition
  • Insight
  • Adventures of a Gaboon Viper
  • CityScape
  • Hard Rock Heroes
  • Alternative Rockstand
  • The Noreen Shane Show
  • The Wrestling Analysis
  • The World of Chess
  • Desh Punjab
  • Spotlight


Shaw TV programming runs in a 'loop', repeating stories of local interest every 60 minutes or so. Content changes every day, and they maintain an online library of previous stories here [2].

The channel is run by professional staff, from office support to field production. Field acquisition is done in both SD and HD formats, although the channel is only broadcasting in Standard Definition with mono audio.

Mobile productions are staffed with a mix of Shaw TV employees and experienced freelancers. Volunteers from Tec Voc Broadcasting occasionally participate as well. Shaw TV's live broadcasts are often picked up by stations across Canada and the United States.

In any average week, Shaw TV airs more hours of original locally produced programming than any other stations in Winnipeg.