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Shawa is a village in Lower Dir District, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, on the road between Chakdara and Asbanr. The village is 5 km (3 miles) away from Chakdara city, which is located near Churchill Piquet on the banks of the Swat River. Its population is about 10,000 and consists of primarily Pashtun people (Pathans) speaking the Pashto language. Shawa village consists of different mohalas, like Darbar, Bur Palau, Manz Palau, Koz Palau, Shamlai, Koza Sha, Sero and Kaga Wala, khwajal, tendogag. the village consist of some sub tribe of yousufzayi like the Muhammad kayl, Bao kayl,Haji khyl mulayan, Katan kyal, Umar khail,Buda khail, fazal khail, Gali khail,panda khail, maingan,teelyan,Qausaryan.Mulayan,tajak,parachgan,nayan

Daily life[edit]

public of that village is mostly concerned with forming and animal husbandry but now the trends are changing from the forming side and that are shipted to the business and transport sectors. the time after afternoon mostly spend by the villagers in recreational activities in kwar of shaw located at the east side of the village. nowadays mostly people are engage in oil business in cities like Karachi Lahore Peshawar etc. the old people of shawa are spend their time at bazaar and mostly in the Azizullah shop at bazaar located at near darbar masjid.

Residents of Shawa play cricket, volleyball and soccer, and there is a senior cricket tournament in the village in the month of Ramadan. There are no libraries in the village. there is three governmental primary schools in shawa. the first one known as shawa number 1 primary school at thendog on the main road side near to taxi stand as well to the fourneture factory. the second one is government primary school shawa 2 which is located at the grave yard of barpalo near to the governmtn high school shawa. the third one is government primary school shawa 3 which is located at the kagawala shawa on the back side of kagwala masjid...


There are multiple theories about the source of the village name. According to one, "Shawa" is a Hindu woman's name; an alternate theory suggests that "Shawa" is the name of the trees which can be seen in the village.


Rainfall in Shawa is low, and agriculture requires the use of artificial irrigation. the main sources of irrigation is the small irrigation canal comes from the shahban and known as shahban wala, the other are tube wells constructed by government in compromise of bane on cocaine harvesting.the land of shawa is divided into four main categories. 1 the local infrastructure mostly on the bank of small river name kwar as well now expending to the nearby field as well to the center and other bank of the river. 2 the kwar which is having high valve for sand and stone for construction the kwar is quiet wide in shawa because of his past history of typhoon in which high level typhoon up to some how affect some house and till some signs are present the typhoons was after the construction of safety walls become less severe but till having high chances of occurring. 3 the third one is the field which is divided, some are located at the east side in the surroundings of shawa hills and some are in the kwajal and border river (breath kwar). 4 the fourth is the hills of shawa which is located at the east of shawa village and range from the tazagrame hill to the barori hills to the shamozi and dara hills. the The climate is mild in the summer to moderately cold in the winters. High mountains, rich in under exploited mineral resources, surround the village.

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Coordinates: 33°15′N 70°29′E / 33.250°N 70.483°E / 33.250; 70.483