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Shawn J. Bayern is an American law professor. Before his legal career, he created several widely used computer-software systems and wrote several widely cited books on computer programming.


After graduating from Yale University, Bayern worked as a researcher at Yale University's Technology and Planning group,[1] there developing the Central Authentication Service in "one week using a text editor."[2] As a student he had developed a reputation for becoming critical to the university's information systems and having full access to those systems.[3] He was the reference-implementation lead for JSTL[4] and sat on the specification committees that developed popular web languages including JavaServer Pages,[5] JAX-RPC,[6] and JavaServer Faces. [7] At the age of 23, he wrote books on JSTL and JSP[8][9] and gave award-winning[10] speeches about Java, the Central Authentication Service, and other topics at industry conference such as Macworld Conference & Expo, Java One, and WebDevShare. He is also the creator of Time Cave, a "message-scheduling service," and he offers a free research utility for federal laws on the iPhone and iPad called "US Code."

After his computing career, Bayern went to Boalt law school at the University of California at Berkeley . There he was editor-in-chief of the California Law Review (ISSN 0008-1221)[11] and first in his class at graduation.[12] He then worked as a law clerk for Harris Hartz of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.[13] He has worked in the Office of the Solicitor General, on the Appellate Staff of the Civil Division of the Department of Justice, in the chambers of a United States District Judge in California, and at Covington & Burling, a Washington law firm.[13]

Bayern is currently an Assistant Professor at Florida State University College of Law, and also has served as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Law at Duke Law School.[13]


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