Shawnee Mission North High School

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Shawnee Mission North High School
Shawnee Mission North High School logo.png
7401 Johnson Drive [1]


United States
Coordinates39°01′17″N 94°40′16″W / 39.021358°N 94.67113°W / 39.021358; -94.67113Coordinates: 39°01′17″N 94°40′16″W / 39.021358°N 94.67113°W / 39.021358; -94.67113
School typePublic, High School
School districtUSD 512 [2]
SuperintendentMichael Fulton [2]
CEEB code172000 [3]
PrincipalJeremy Higgins [4]
Athletic DirectorAnnette Gonzales [4]
Enrollment1,610 (2015-16)[5]
Campus typeSuburban
Color(s)     Cardinal
AthleticsClass 6A [6]
District 2 [7]
Athletics conferenceSunflower League [4]
RivalShawnee Mission West High School Shawnee Mission East High School

Shawnee Mission North High School is a public secondary school in Overland Park, Kansas, United States, for grades 912. It is one of five schools operated by Unified School District 512.

The school colors are Cardinal red, Black and White and the school mascot is the Indian. The average annual enrollment is approximately 2,000 students.

Shawnee Mission North High School was founded in 1922 in order to help educate the increasing number of students due to the emerging population of Shawnee Mission. Throughout the years, several expansions and add-ons were constructed to the school. In 1950, a large addition was added, finally connecting all of the buildings through hallways. A swimming pool and science wing were constructed in 1969 which connected to the south academic wing. A new library was added in the summer of 1997. In 2007, the school added a new auxiliary gym, new tennis courts, pool and auditorium remodeling, two new Biology classrooms, and expansion of the band and choir department.

Shawnee Mission North is a member of the Kansas State High School Activities Association and offers a variety of sports programs. Athletic teams compete in the 6A division and are known as the "Indians". Extracurricular activities are also offered in the form of performing arts, school publications, and clubs.


Sign, 2012

Shawnee Mission Rural High School opened September 12, 1922, having cost $950,000 to build. It had 12 faculty members and a senior class of 1,200. There had been a vote on September 21, 1921, on a "proposal to organize a rural high school district." In 1922 the east building was completed and in 1936 the west building, housing a gym and auditorium, was connected to the east building. In 1941 the shop wing was constructed to house agriculture and auto mechanics; it was connected to the west building by a concrete walk.

The school remained Shawnee Mission Rural until 1948, when senior Robert F. Bennett was sent to Topeka to petition the legislature for a name change to more accurately reflect the school's suburban status. In 1950 a large addition was made, including the south academic wing, the cross hall/offices, library, Field House and music rooms. After 30 years all the buildings were connected by hallways. Later elected Governor of Kansas, Bennett was named North's first 'Distinguished Alumnus' by the class of 1975. It was thus named Shawnee Mission High School until 1958, when Shawnee Mission East opened and Shawnee Mission High School became Shawnee Mission North. The student body of Shawnee Mission High had petitioned the school board to name the new school anything other than "Shawnee Mission East" in an attempt to avoid a renaming of their school. Shawnee Mission West opened in 1962, Shawnee Mission South in 1966, and Shawnee Mission Northwest in 1969. A swimming pool and science wing were built in 1969, a developmental center in 1978, the Little Theater in 1984, and the "lunch dock" was remodeled in 1993. In the summer of 1997, a new library was added as well as air-conditioning. In 1998, the cafeteria and kitchen were remodeled. A key project at Shawnee Mission North was the demolition of the original stadium and reconstruction which began in 2005, was a rush to have it ready for the Class of 2006 Graduation. Because of the rush, the turf was not properly placed. So they redid it that summer of 2006 so it was ready for the Fall'06. Followed, in 2007, by the addition of a new auxiliary gym, fresh tennis courts, pool and auditorium remodeling, the additions of two Biology rooms, and a significant enlargement of the band and choir department.

The Ozark Mountain Daredevils played a concert at Shawnee Mission North on February 21, 1973, prior to the release of their first album in December of that year.

The North drama department was named top 5 in the country, number one in the Midwest by Stage Directions Magazine (Nov. 2010 Issue).


Replica of the Statue of Liberty on the north side of campus, 2012.

Liberty statue[edit]

See Strengthen the Arm of Liberty Monument (Overland Park, Kansas)

The high school grounds play host to one of the many replicas of the Statue of Liberty as a result of the Strengthen the Arm of Liberty campaign by the Boy Scouts of America.[8]

Other monuments[edit]

The campus contains other monuments and points of interest, many which were donated or funded by various graduating classes from the school. Some such items include the entry sign (pictured) and stone benches.

Extracurricular activities[edit]


In 2011, Shawnee Mission North's theater department won four awards and was given the honor of being named the top high school drama department in the Midwest by Stage Directions magazine.[citation needed]

In 2011, Shawnee Mission North's production of Hairspray was nominated for several awards by Blue Star Awards, including one for Outstanding Overall Production of 2010-2011.[citation needed]

In 2012, Shawnee Mission North's production of Little Shop of Horrors was again nominated by the Blue Star Awards for Outstanding Overall Production of 2011-2012.[citation needed]

In 2013, Shawnee Mission North's production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee was nominated by the Blue Star for a third year in a row for Outstanding Overall Production of 2012-2013.[citation needed]


SM North puts out three publications, a magazine known as "The Mission", an art & literary magazine called "Indian Lore", and a student-created yearbook known as "Indian". Indian has won numerous publishing awards, including national competitions.

Marching Band[edit]

The Shawnee Mission North "Marching Indians" are a very well-received group at Shawnee Mission North. Every morning before school the day of a game, the SMN drumline perform in "Times Square," a central hallway location at Shawnee Mission North.

At home games, the Pep Club has everyone in the student section sit down and watch quietly as the band performs their halftime show. Annually, at the football senior night, the Marching Indians perform the light show. At the light show, the stadium lights are all turned off and the students perform their show with battery-powered Christmas lights, glow sticks, and other things that light up. Afterwards, the band rallies around the drumline on the track in front of the student section in the stands and dances as the drumline performs cadences.

In 1958, the band was nationally televised as it marched in the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, CA.[citation needed] In 2010, the band made finals at Warrensburg Marching Invitational for the first time in over 10 years.[citation needed] In 2012, the Marching Indians placed at Bonner Springs Marching Festival. They won the awards Best Overall, Best Music, Best General Effect, and Best Color Guard.[citation needed] In 2013, the band held its first ever Shawnee Mission North Marching Invitational, which has continued every year since.[citation needed] In 2014, the Marching Indians received 1st place in their division at the Warrensburg Marching festival at UCM and had the opportunity to perform in finals as they had four years prior. In 2016, the Marching Indians showed off their brand new uniforms and an amazing show entitled, The Prince of Egypt. They received 1st place in their division at the Warrensburg Marching festival at UCM and made it into finals.[citation needed]


The Indians compete in the Sunflower League and are classified as a 6A school, the largest classification in Kansas according to the KSHSAA. Throughout its history, Shawnee Mission North has won many state championships in various sports. Many graduates have gone on to participate in Division I, Division II, and Division III athletics. In 2016, the boys basketball team won the first state basketball title in SM North history.[citation needed]

State championships[edit]

State Championships[9]
Season Sport Number of Championships Year
Fall Football 6 1965, 1967, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1974,
Cross Country, Boys 3 1961, 1974, 1975
Volleyball 3 1972, 1973, 2002
Gymnastics, Girls 2 1976, 1978
Spring Baseball 1 1982
Golf, Boys 4 1941, 1953, 1954, 1955
Softball 5 1978, 1981, 1983, 1991, 1992
Tennis, Girls 1 1971,
Total 25


There are always two mascots, one is an Indian princess, and the other an Indian warrior. The students acting as an Indian princess and warrior are always a male and female senior. The outfits they wear while playing these parts were modeled off of the Shawnee Indians of Oklahoma. The Indian warrior originated in 1975 with a student's Halloween costume, which proved so popular he joined the traditional Indian princess as mascot. The 2006 population of SM North was 1,966. The mascot is an Indian, and the school colors are cardinal and black.[citation needed]

Every game played during the football season against the Shawnee Mission East Lancers is referred to as the "Nut Cup".[citation needed]

During the alma mater, students stand and hold up their right index fingers while singing. The Indian head time capsule (in front of the main office), which was gifted to the school by the class of 1965, is roped off and not to be stepped on. The week of homecoming, Shawnee Mission North stages a large parade. Different clubs, groups, and alumni create floats to parade down Johnson Drive.[citation needed]

SM North is located in northern Overland Park and serves much of northeastern Johnson County. The SM North area has a population of approximately 52,000 and includes the communities of Merriam, Mission, northern Overland Park, Roeland Park, Countryside and Eastern Shawnee.

Every year around February a senior male is selected by his classmates as "Northman". This title is much like "Homecoming King" at other schools. Originally called "Big Man on Campus", the winner was crowned at the annual "Women Pay All (WPA)" dance. In 1979 the title was considered outdated and changed to Northman. North has won 5 state championships in football (1969, 1970, 1971, 1974) under the coaching of Larry Taylor. Recently, North's NJROTC program has ranked first nationally in the Drill (in 2007, 2009 and 2010) and in the Armed Regulation (2008) divisions.[citation needed]

Alma mater[edit]

(tune: "Annie Lisle" – H.S. Thompson), 1857

Shawnee Mission, Shawnee Mission,
Here's our toast to thee
We will cherish and respect thee
Pledge our loyalty
We will honor, we will love thee
Send our colors forth
Proud and brave our alma mater
Shawnee Mission North!

Fight song[edit]

(tune: "On Wisconsin" – University of Wisconsin–Madison), Variation of Seminoles War Chant/Illinois

Onward Shawnee! Onward Shawnee!
Fight for victory!
Press 'em harder, ever harder!
Show them we can fight, fight fight!
Onward Shawnee! Onward Shawnee!
Fight for victory!
Fight, Indians, fight, fight, fight!
We'll win tonight.

Mascot controversy[edit]

After a banner for Shawnee Mission North was removed from the Lawrence High School gym at the request of the LHS Inter-Tribal Club,[10] the Shawnee school district responded that the school has had the permission of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma since 1992 and had no plans to review the use of their mascot.[11] Upon being told about the LHS action, the current Chief of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe stated that she appreciates that Shawnee Mission North showed respect in 1992, however the use of images of Plains Indians rather than Woodland Indians is inaccurate and the use of the "tomahawk chop" by fans at games is inappropriate.[12] The Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma's business council on March 10, 2017 approved a resolution formally rescinding the permission granted in 1992 for the use of the Indian as a mascot.[13] The school district superintendent responded that there will now be conversations concerning the mascot.[14]

Notable alumni[edit]

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