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Shayan Italia
Shayan Italia standing against the Steinway D concert grand piano as part of the IWouldStandForThis initiative.jpg
Background information
BornSecunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
GenresAdult contemporary music Pop music
Occupation(s)Entrepreneur, Musician, Singer-Songwriter

Shayan Italia is a critically acclaimed international multi-award-winning pianist, songwriter and entrepreneur.[1] He came into the limelight by becoming the first person to sell a portion of his future earnings on eBay[2] and with his song "Reflection". On 20 September 2018 he was awarded the "Global Indian Of The Year" by Mid Day.[3]

Created for 15 August 2018, Independence Day (India) celebrating 71 years, Shayan Italia's piano version of the Indian National Anthem acquired over 100 million views during the Independence week on YouTube. It is currently the most viewed rendition of the Indian National Anthem and any national anthem globally online till date. #IWouldStandForThis and #71for71Challenge are global initiatives that honour the Indian National Anthem, performed by Shayan Italia in 8K resolution on the Steinway D-274 concert grand piano, paying tribute to his mother who died of cancer.[4] The #71for71Challenge trended on Twitter for 2 days.[5] The music rendition brings together multinational cross-cultural music and video production talent from all over the world to inspire patriotism among the youth of India in its digital age. The video is directed by Dr. Farhad Vijay Arora. It is the first music video to be fully processed in 8K resolution.[6][7][8][9][10][11]


He lost his mother to multiple myeloma and father, Dr. Fareed Jamshid Italia, to multiple sclerosis. Born and raised a Zoroastrian[12] in Secunderabad, India, Shayan Italia moved to London after the deaths of both his parents.[13] His first cousin is Lord Bilimoria of Chelsea and his uncle is Ratan Batliboi, a widely popular architect and the Chairman of the board at Child Rights and You (CRY).[3][5]


He studied at The Doon School in Dehradun and has earned three degrees: a bachelor's degree in International Trade Practices and Procedures from Osmania University, a bachelor's degree in audio engineering from the Alchemea College of Audio Engineering, and a master's degree in Business Management from the University of Westminster.[13]

Music career[edit]

Initially, Shayan Italia set out to be a songwriter. He began writing songs after his mother died.[13] He discovered the talent to sing while recording the demos of his two songs. He was the first unsigned act to have a song played on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs and performed at the Royal Albert Hall.[14][15] To support the production of his album "Feel", he auctioned off a portion of his future earnings on eBay, raising US $18,000 in seven days from three individuals residing in three continents. Later, he raised a sum total of US $1 million by conventional means. He has also been interviewed by Sir David Frost on his show Frost Over The World[14] His song "Reflection" reached number one on YouTube's music video chart.[16] The song had previously won the All India Song Contest.[17] Shayan Italia does not actively tour even though he has performed at selected venues across the world. In 2019, his first Hindi song release is lined up.[5]


Apart from an music career, Shayan Italia is also an entrepreneur.


Shayan Italia started Biryani360 in Mumbai.[18][19] The idea came to him when he was sitting in his bedroom and fooling around with animation software and created a video of two fictitious characters that declared their unity for one another over their love for Biryani. This sparked interested among both family and peers and eventually led him to consider setting it up as a business.[20] The flagship kitchen was setup in Bandra, a popular district of Mumbai. The startup used BlueFlame technology to create food that was low in oil and cholesterol.[21][22] Biryani360 started on 1 March 2015 and sold in March 2016.


A new venture that offers flagship probiotic yogurt launches in 2019.[5]


Shayan Italia helps to raise money for cancer research and multiple sclerosis treatment in the memory of his parents.[5] He has helped raise INR 1,000 crore (approximately USD 135 million) till date. His now aims to shift his focus towards propelling education in India.[3]

Awards and Recognition[edit]

  1. Honorary Award Winner - Great American Songwriting Contest (2004)[23]
  2. All India Song Contest Winner (2006)[24]
  3. Editors Choice Award Winner - International Poetry Competition (2007)[25]
  4. First Unsigned Music Artist to Appear on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs (2007)[26]


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