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Shayle Robert Searle PhD (26 April 1928 – 18 February 2013) was a New Zealand mathematician who was Professor Emeritus of Biological Statistics at Cornell University.[1] He was a leader in the field of linear and mixed models in statistics, and published widely on the topics of linear models, mixed models, and variance component estimation.[2]

Searle was one of the first statisticians to use matrix algebra in statistical methodology, and was an early proponent of the use of applied statistical techniques in animal breeding.

He died at his home in Ithaca, New York.



  • Research Statistician – New Zealand Dairy Board – 1953 to 1955, 1959 to 1962
  • Statistician – University Computing Center, Cornell University – 1962 to 1965
  • Professor of Biological Statistics – Cornell University – 1965 to 1996




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Selected journal articles[edit]

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