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Shayta is located in Syria
Shayta in Syria
Coordinates: 33°15′N 35°46′E / 33.250°N 35.767°E / 33.250; 35.767Coordinates: 33°15′N 35°46′E / 33.250°N 35.767°E / 33.250; 35.767
Country  Syria
Governorate Quneitra
District Quneitra District
Region Golan Heights
Destroyed 1971-72
Elevation 1,189 m (3,904 ft)

Shayta, also spelled Suhayta, S'heita or Su’heita, was a Syrian village located in the Golan Heights.[1] It was one of only six Syrian villages in the Golan Heights still populated following the Six-Day War.[2] After Israel occupied the area in 1967, Shayta's population census was 176 people, down from 200 in 1960.[3] In 1967, Shayta was partially destroyed and a military post built in its place.[2] Israel completely destroyed the village in 1971-72 and its population was forcibly transferred to the neighboring village of Mas'ade.[2][4] Today, its former inhabitants are still campaigning for the return to their village.[2] Shayta was located near the ceasefire line between Syrian and Israeli forces.[1][4]

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