She's So Heavy

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She's So Heavy
EP by Ai Aso/Wata (Boris)
Released August 24, 2007
Genre Rock
Label Diwphalanx Records
Boris chronology
She's So Heavy
Rock Dream
(2007)Rock Dream2007

She's So Heavy is a split EP by Japanese artists Wata (Boris) and Ai Aso. It was released in 2007 by Diwphalanx Records on 7" and limited to 1500 copies. The 7" comes with a 60-page full color photo book. Ai Aso's song is a King Crimson cover from the album Islands. Wata's side is a cover of "天使" (Angel) a Masashi Kitamura song released in Canis Lupus' 1990 album "Aqua Perspective".

Track listing[edit]

Ai Aso[edit]

  1. "Islands" (Robert Fripp, Peter Sinfield) - 5:44


  1. "Angel" (Masashi Kitamura) - 6:17


Side A[edit]

Side B[edit]

  • Wata - vocals, lead guitar
  • Michio Kurihara - guitar
  • Souichiro Nakamura - mellotron
  • Takeshi - bass
  • Atsuo - drums, percussion

Pressing History[edit]

Year Label Format Country Out of Print? Notes
2007 Diwphalanx Records 7" Japan Yes Ltd. 1500