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Song by Kiss from the album Dressed to Kill
Released March 19, 1975
Recorded Electric Lady Studios,
New York City
February 1975
Length 4:08
Label Casablanca Records
Writer(s) Gene Simmons, Stephen Coronel
Producer(s) Neil Bogart & Kiss
Dressed to Kill track listing
"Anything for My Baby"
"Love Her All I Can"

"She" is a song by American hard rock group Kiss. It was released in 1975 on the band's third studio album, Dressed to Kill. The song was written by Gene Simmons and Stephen Coronel while Simmons was in a band called Bullfrog Bheer.[1] Although it was first released in 1975, Kiss had performed "She" on previous tours. It was removed from the setlist during the 1980s and the 1990s.


Coronel was the originator of the song, with Simmons contributing the words and lyrics during an evening rehearsal with Wicked Lester.[1] The song was originally called "She Walks by Moonlight", after a line in the film Hondo where, as Simmons said:

"'I want your daughter.' [The chief said:] 'You may not have my daughter.' [The cowboy said:] 'Why not?' [The chief said:] 'She walks by moonlight.' And that's the first line of the song. I didn't even know what it meant, I just loved the sound of it."[1]

The Wicked Lester version of the song is 3:07 in length, while the later Dressed to Kill version is 4:08 long and the original line "she's no good" was changed to "she's so good". Also, the Kiss version lacked the original's congas (played by session musician Jimmy Maelen) and flute.[1]

Ace Frehley's solo in the song was based on Robby Krieger's solo in The Doors' song "Five to One", starting in the same key and tempo. It was also self-admittedly "copied" by Mike McCready of Pearl Jam on that band's song "Alive".[2]

"She" is one of only three Kiss songs taken from the Wicked Lester era, with the others being the Hotter Than Hell's "Goin' Blind" and Dressed to Kill's "Love Her All I Can". "She" and "Love Her All I Can" were intended for inclusion on the Hotter Than Hell album, but the band already had enough material for the album.[1]

Live performances[edit]

Although not released officially until 1975, Kiss played "She" on previous tours. Wicked Lester also performed the song. Following the 1975 Alive! Tour, "She" was dropped and was not performed during the 1980s and the 1990s. The band did play the song occasionally during the Kiss My Ass Tour and on Halloween night in 1998 at Dodger Stadium. The band returned the song to the setlist for the Rock the Nation Tour. It was performed again during the Alive 35 world tour.


"She" appears on following Kiss albums:




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