Shearing Pinx

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Shearing Pinx
Shearing Pinx, 2007
Background information
Origin Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Genres Experimental
Years active 2005-Present
Labels Isolated Now Waves, Not Not Fun, DNT, Gilgongo Records, Methodist Leisure Inc., Arbor, Ugly Pop, Divorce Records, Reluctant Recordings, Broadway to Boundary, Turgid Animal, Endless Latino
Associated acts Abe Vigoda, Silver Daggers, Talbot Tagora, Mutators, Nü Sensae, Channels 3x4
Website Shearing Pinx
Members Nic Hughes, Jeremy Van Wyck,Sydney Koke
Past members Erin Ward,Jesse Taylor

Shearing Pinx are an Experimental/Punk rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Formed in 2005, the band is made up of Nic Hughes (Vocals/Guitar) and Jeremy Van Wyck (Drums).[1]

The band has over 50 releases including vinyl records, cassettes and CDs, most of which are on singer Nic Hughes' own record label Isolated Now Waves.

The band is often associated with The Emergency Room venue in Vancouver and were featured in an article about Vancouver's "Weird Punk Scene" in the Canadian Music Newspaper Exclaim!.[2]



Date of release Title Record label
2006 Caves DNT Records
2007 Poison Hands Gilgongo Records
2007 Ultra Snake Isolated Now Waves/Endless Latino
2007 Untitled Shearing Pinx/Silver Daggers Split Arbor
2008 Breath of You Came Through Shearing Pinx / Mutators Split Ugly Pop
2008 Haruspex Divorce Records
2008 Iseult Broadway to Boundary
2008 Untitled Shearing Pinx / Stamina Mantis Split Reluctant Records
2009 Weaponry Divorce
2010 Void White Isolated Now Waves
2011 Night Danger Divorce

Split Cassettes[edit]

Length Artists Record label
C20 Shearing Pinx / KK Rampage Isolated Now Waves
C20 Shearing Pinx / Pretty Thigh Isolated Now Waves
C20 Shearing Pinx / Ikebana Isolated Now Waves
C20 Shearing Pinx / Modern Creatures Isolated Now Waves
C22 Shearing Pinx / Animale Isolated Now Waves
C20 Shearing Pinx / The White Tiger Prepade Isolated Now Waves
C20 Shearing Pinx / Grey Daturas Isolated Now Waves
C20 Shearing Pinx / Twin Isolated Now Waves
C20 Shearing Pinx / Soft Shoulder Isolated Now Waves
C20 Shearing Pinx / F.M.G. Isolated Now Waves
C20 Shearing Pinx / Monosodic Isolated Now Waves
C30 Shearing Pinx / Bestia Ferida Isolated Now Waves
C20 Shearing Pinx / Shivers Isolated Now Waves
C26 Shearing Pinx / Midwife Isolated Now Waves
C20 Shearing Pinx / Shpilberg Isolated Now Waves
C20 Shearing Pinx / Worms In Dirt Isolated Now Waves
C20 Shearing Pinx / Starving Weirdos Isolated Now Waves
C20 Shearing Pinx / Bot Isolated Now Waves


Title Artists Format Record label
Short Attention Span Shearing Pinx / Mongst / Mutators / Japanther / Fat Day / Foot Village / Finally Punk / Total Abuse / Best Fwends / Barf Bag / many more Freebie MP3 Methodist Leisure Inc.
Muisica Moche Shearing Pinx / Soft Shoulder / Lord Galvar VHS DNT Records
Pregnant With Sound, Vol.1 Shearing Pinx / V/A CD Entertainment Records
Repetition Cntrl Waves Shearing Pinx / Nons / Defektors / Automatic Fancy / Mutators / Hustler White / Ixquic / Podmind / Zeus / In Flux / Slums / The Ewoks CD Isolated Now Waves
Happy Birthday DNT Shearing Pinx / Health / Pretty Thigh / Channels 3x4 CD DNT
East Coast vs. West Coast Shearing Pinx / Mutators / Modern Creatures / Nü Sensae / Be Bad / Hamborghinni / Attack Mode Cassette Divorce Records
I Ate Your Legs Shearing Pinx / Nü Sensae / Twin Crystals / Talbot Tagora / Certain Breeds / The Doers / Channels 3x4 / Stamina Mantis / Nihilist Party / Blackmage / Christ In A Bucket and The Sons of Cock / Treasure Mammal / AD / Mattress / Hepitidal Wave / Derek Champion / Aeorosol Constellations / Dullmoofs / N.213 / Perilisk / Empty Love CD Thankless Records


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