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shebang! group shot.

shebang! is an all female breakdance crew in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The group is composed of b-girls with the stage names Blazin', jennrock, mae hem, Ms. Mighty, and DJ Dalia.

shebang! has performed with notable artists including the Beastie Boys, Nelly Furtado, Christina Aguilera, hip hop pioneer Kool Herc, and Le Tigre. They have also battled at events like the World B-Boy Championship in London, England; Rocksteady Anniversary in NYC; City vs. City in Chicago; Freestyle Session in Seattle and Los Angeles; and Battle of the Year North America in Montreal. In a scene dominated by b-boys, the shebang! b-girls are often the only women battling.

The crew also hosts 'break & enter', a b-boy/girl battle in Toronto. 'mae hem' of the crew is the Artistic Director of 'Street Dance Academy', an original concept studio in Toronto dedicated to preserving street dance. In 2003, shebang! was recognized with the Absolut Canadian B-boy/B-girl award by The Canadian Floor Masters.


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