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Shebuel (Hebrew: שבואל‎‎) was a descendant of Gershom, the son of Moses and Zipporah. He, along with his kinsman Rehabiah a descendant of Eliezer, were described as chiefs and included in the Tribe of Levi.[1] Shebuel is also described as "ruler of the treasures".[2] His name means "captive of God" or "returned of God".[3] His patrilineal lineage can be traced back to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob since Levi is both his great-great grandfather (through Jochebed) and great-great-great grandfather (through Amram). He is also descended from Jethro and Jethro's ancestor Midian, son of Abraham and his second wife Keturah, through his paternal grandmother Zipporah.



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