Sheeffry Hills

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Sheeffry Hills
Irish: Cnoic Shíofra
Sheeffry Bridge - - 241813.jpg
Sheeffry Hills from Sheeffry Bridge
Highest point
Peak Barrclashcame
Elevation 772 m (2,533 ft)
Coordinates 53°40′N 9°42′W / 53.667°N 9.700°W / 53.667; -9.700Coordinates: 53°40′N 9°42′W / 53.667°N 9.700°W / 53.667; -9.700
Sheeffry Hills is located in island of Ireland
Sheeffry Hills
Sheeffry Hills
Location in Ireland
Country Republic of Ireland
Provinces of Ireland Connacht
Sheeffry Hills

The Sheeffry Hills or Sheeffry Mountains (from Irish: Cnoic Shíofra, meaning "hills of the wraith")[1] is a range of hills in County Mayo, Ireland. It is bounded to the west by Glencullin Lough and Doo Lough; to the south by Glenummera and Tawnyard Lough; to the east by Owenmore Glen and to the north by the Bunowen River.

The highest peak is Barrclashcame (772 m).[2] The range also includes—from west to east—the peaks of Barrclashcame Northwest a.k.a. Storikeennageer (580 m),[3] Tievummera (762 m),[4] Tievnabinnia (742 m),[5] Tawnyard (436 m)[6] and Tawnyrower (510 m).[7]

There are a number of loughs within the Sheeffry Hills, the two biggest being Lugacolliwee and Lugaloughan. The others are—from west to east—Lough Awaniareen, Lough Allisheen, Lough Tariff, Lough Brawn, Lugalough

Settlements in the area include Drummin and Carrowkennedy (to the east), Cregganbaun (west), and Delphi (south). Carrowkennedy was the site of an ambush in June 1921, during the Irish War of Independence.

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