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Sheep Films ( is a website featuring short slapstick comedy films and animations by British filmmaker Dave Packer. The short films often deal with absurd and surreal scenarios in everyday settings, enhanced by special effects, such as an assault by a bouncy ball, a cardboard box used as a transportation device, and extreme suitcasing. Most of the videos end right in the beginning where they start, suitable for being watched in loops and presenting an infinite situation; e.g. a man sitting on the chair while one pulls it behind him, then he also tries to sit on the chair, but happens the same etc.

The website's collection of GIF and Flash animations showcases Sheep Film's mascot, a black and white sheep, in various amusing situations.

Films featured on the website often appear on the humorous British website B3ta. After appearing in the B3ta newsletter, his Fart film became a viral hit. It was even used as part of a Czech Republic election campaign video.

In 2004 his short The Ball was selected for the BBC New Talent awards, and was shown on BBC Three in the United Kingdom on 23 March 2005.

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