Sheep River (Alberta)

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Sheep River
Sheep river.JPG
Sheep River before the confluence with Highwood River
Country  Canada
Basin features
Main source Elbow-Sheep Wildland Provincial Park
2,100 meters (6,900 ft)
50°40′22″N 114°57′26″W / 50.67278°N 114.95736°W / 50.67278; -114.95736 (Sheep River Origin)
River mouth Highwood River
983 meters (3,225 ft)
50°44′24″N 113°51′17″W / 50.73998°N 113.85475°W / 50.73998; -113.85475 (Sheep River Mouth)Coordinates: 50°44′24″N 113°51′17″W / 50.73998°N 113.85475°W / 50.73998; -113.85475 (Sheep River Mouth)
Physical characteristics

The Sheep River is located in southwestern Alberta, Canada, and is part of the Bow River watershed. The river begins in the mountain valleys of Elbow-Sheep Wildland Provincial Park,[2] passes through Sheep River Provincial Park, and joins with the Highwood River about 8 km east of Okotoks. The Sheep provides drinking water for the towns of Turner Valley, Black Diamond, and Okotoks.


From origin to mouth, the Sheep River receives water from the following tributaries:

  • Rae Creek (from Mount Rae)
  • Burns Creek
  • Cliff Creek
  • Junction Creek
  • Bluerock Creek
  • Gorge Creek
  • Dyson Creek
  • March Creek
  • Coal Creek
  • Wolf Creek
  • Long Prairie Creek
  • Macabee Creek
  • Waite Valley Creek
  • Lineham Creek
  • Turner Valley
  • Threepoint Creek
  • Spring Creek
  • Wilson Coulee

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