Sheep in KISS Make Up

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Sheep in KISS Make Up
Sheep In KISS cover.jpg
Studio album by Sack Trick
Released February 2005
Genre Funk metal
Length 1:13:51
Label ORG Records
Producer Alex Dickson, Chris Nubile
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Sheep in KISS Make Up

Sheep in KISS Make Up is a 2005 Kiss tribute album by Sack Trick. Described as "the most amazingly diverse Kiss tribute album you will ever hear",[this quote needs a citation] it was released independently by the band after they decided to give up on record companies.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Shout It Out Loud" Stanley, Simmons, Ezrin 3:03
2. "Love Gun" Stanley 3:51
3. "I'm A Legend Tonight" Adam Mitchell, Stanley 1:58
4. "Almost Human" Simmons 2:54
5. "I Stole Your Love (Pt. 1)" Stanley 0:14
6. "Deuce" Simmons 3:31
7. "Beth (Robin Guy Vocal)" Criss, Penridge, Ezrin 2:36
8. "All Hell's Breakin' Loose (Wid Da Funky Groovz)" Carr, Stanley, Simmons, Vincent 5:31
9. "I've Had Enough (Into The Fire)" Stanley, Child 0:04
10. "Great Expectations" Simmons 4:22
11. "Audio Video (Catch Me When I Fall)" Frehley 3:40
12. "Stanley The Parrot" Simmons 0:35
13. "I Stole Your Love (Pt. 2)" - 0:19
14. "Beth (Sponder Vocal)" - 3:00
15. "Love Her All I Can" Stanley 2:38
16. "War Machine" Simmons, Adams, Vallance 2:44
17. "I Still Love You" Stanley, Cusano 4:04
18. "I Stole Your Love (Pt. 3)" - 1:02
19. "The Elder" - 13:07
20. "Bonus Track" - 14:41
Total length: 1:13:51


Tracks Ace James 'Spreda' Bailes Mark Cavallos Ben Calvert Chris Paulo Dale Damonski Jem Davis Alex J.W. Dickson Alex 'Sponder' Elena Pete Friesen Robin Guy Jinx Joe Inferno CJ Alex Kane Milena Spacediva East Timor Doogie White Guest Vocals Guest Musician
Shout It Out Loud Ad lib Ad Lib & Percussion Vocals, Ad Lib & Bass Keyboard Ad Lib, Guitars, Keyboard & Backing Vocals Vocals & Ad Lib Vocals & Drums Vocals & Ad Lib Vocals & Ad Lib Vocals Bruce Dickinson, Leigh Marklew, Bobby The Bus Driver
Love Gun Guitar Bass Percussion Hammond Organ & Solo Keyboards & Backing Vocals Drums Lead Vocals Rap
I'm A Legend Tonight Audience Lead Vocals Guitar Audience Audience
Almost Human Guitar Solos Percussion Vocals & Bass Vocals, Guitar & Keyboards Drums Outro Guitar Solo Jack Endino Chris Sharrock - Gong
I Stole Your Love Vocals & Bass Guitar Drums The Kings Head Choir - Audience
Deuce Percussion & Backing Vocals Bass Slide Guitar & Keyboard Drums Backing Vocals Backing Vocals Vocals Dai Prangley - Backing Vocals
Beth (Robin Guy Vocals) Lead Vocals Chris Nubile - Orchestration and Guitar Solo
All Hells' Breakin' Loose Beatbox & Distorted Howls Rhodes Rap & Backing Vocals Percussion Stret Hustler, Guitar & Backing Vocals Bass Vocals Kings Head Choir, Bobby The Bus Driver, Robert McKibbin
I've Had Enough Vocals, Guitar & Bass Drums
Great Expectations Bottles & Backing Vocals Fretless Bass, Drums & Backing Vocals Acoustic Guitar, Xylophone & Backing Vocals Lead Vocals Henrik Johansson - Mandolin
Audio Video Drums Bass & Backing Vocals Percussion Guitar, Keyboards & Backing Vocals Lead Vocal & Lead Guitar
Stanley The Parrot Lead Vocal & Guitar Bass Guitar
Beth (Sponder Vocal) Vocals Vocals, Guitar, Percussion & Kazoo Lead Vocals, Bass & Percussion
Love Her All I Can Rhodes Vocals Lead Vocals, Guitar & Keyboard Percussion Vocals Bass
War Machine Lead Vocals Drums Bass Percussion Acoustic Guitar, Flute & Keys Mattias Reinholdsson - Yodelling
I Still Love You Other Instruments Vocals Lead Vocals & Bass
The Elder Backing Vocals Vocals, Drums Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals Keys Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Keys, Recorder Backing Vocals Guitars Chinese Bells Bass Vocals Reuben Gotto, Leigh Marklew, The Kings Head Choir Leigh Marklew - Bass
  • Produced, recorded and mixed by Alex Dickson at Alex-in-the-Hole Studios. Except "Beth (Robin Guy Vocal)" produced by Chris Nubile.
  • Assistant Engineered by Chris Paulo Dale.
  • Front Cover Artwork by Andy Hunns.
  • Artwork Concept by Chris Dale.
  • Additional Artwork by Reuben Gotto.
  • Inside booklet layout by Mr. Plinky.
  • Mastered by Tricr at Sound Discs.
  • Photography by people with cameras.
  • Dante Bonutto: Dante Bonutto.