Sheep Hole Mountains

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Sheep Hole Mountains
Sheep Hole Mountains is located in California
Sheep Hole Mountains
location of Sheep Hole Mountains in California[1]
Highest point
Elevation1,057 m (3,468 ft)
CountryUnited States
DistrictSan Bernardino County
Range coordinates34°11′38.009″N 115°39′18.968″W / 34.19389139°N 115.65526889°W / 34.19389139; -115.65526889Coordinates: 34°11′38.009″N 115°39′18.968″W / 34.19389139°N 115.65526889°W / 34.19389139; -115.65526889
Topo mapUSGS Dale Lake
Sheephole Mountains

The Sheep Hole Mountains are a mountain range in the Mojave Desert, to the north of Joshua Tree National Park, in San Bernardino County, California.[1] The mountains were once Chemehuevi hunting grounds.

The mountain range lies between the Bullion Mountains to the west, and the Coxcomb Mountains to the east. The mountains reach an elevation of 4,613 feet (1,406 meters) above sea level just east of Amboy Road, which the range crosses.

Sheephole Valley Wilderness Area[edit]

The Bureau of Land Management designated and manages the Sheephole Valley Wilderness Area which is within the mountain range and Mojave Trails National Monument.[2][3] The 194,861-acre (approximate) Sheephole Valley Wilderness is a perfect representation of the basin and range topography typical in the Mojave Desert. The area consists of the northwest to southeast trending granitic boulder strewn Sheep Hole and Calumet Mountains, and is adjacent to the northern boundary of Joshua Tree National Park.[4]


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