Sheer Greed

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Sheer Greed
Girl sheergreed-album-cover.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedJanuary 1980
GenreHard rock, glam rock
ProducerChris Tsangarides, Nick Tauber
Girl chronology
Sheer Greed
Wasted Youth
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic3/5 stars [1]
Collector's Guide to Heavy Metal7/10[2]

Sheer Greed is the first album of the British glam rock band Girl, released in January 1980 by the independent record label Jet Records. The album was published during the explosion of the new wave of British heavy metal phenomenon and its sales took advantage of the favourable attitude towards hard rock bands in the UK in that period. Sheer Greed peaked at No. 33 in the UK Albums Chart.[3]

The song "Hollywood Tease" was later covered by the bands L.A. Guns (featuring Phil Lewis) and Sheer Greed (featuring Gerry and Simon Laffy). The American glam metal band Lillian Axe recorded a version of "My Number" on the album Love + War in 1989.

"Do You Love Me?" is a cover of the song from Kiss' album Destroyer of 1976.

Track listing[edit]

Side one
  1. "Hollywood Tease" (Phil Lewis, Phil Collen) - 2:39
  2. "The Things You Say" (Lewis, Gerry Laffy) - 3:53
  3. "Lovely Lorraine" (Lewis, Collen, G. Laffy) - 2:36
  4. "Strawberries" (Lewis) - 2:54
  5. "Little Miss Ann" (Lewis, G. Laffy) - 2:40
  6. "Doctor Doctor" (Lewis, Collen, G. Laffy) - 2:42
Side two
  1. "Do You Love Me?" (Paul Stanley, Bob Ezrin, Kim Fowley) - 3:17
  2. "Take Me Dancing" (Lewis, Collen, G. Laffy) - 2:29
  3. "What's Up?" (G. Laffy, Simon Laffy) - 2:33
  4. "Passing Clouds" (Lewis) - 4:58
  5. "My Number" (Lewis, G. Laffy) - 3:52
  6. "Heartbreak America" (Lewis) - 2:43


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