Sheffield University Orienteering Club

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Sheffield University Orienteering Club
Founded 1968
Type Orienteering club
Area served
Sheffield University

Sheffield University Orienteering Club is a UK Orienteering Club.[1] It is also known or abbreviated by the name ShUOC.[a] The club is a member club of the British Orienteering Federation.

The club is open to students of Sheffield University. However, it is also open to members from Sheffield Hallam University. Upon leaving university, graduates then become a member of the ex-ShUOC club known as SPOOK (Sheffield Postgraduates Occasional Orienteering Klubb). Some people prefer "old" instead of "occasional" but the definitive abbreviation is unclear. SPOOK celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2008.


The club was formed in 1968 and celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2008. In that time it has been very successful. For instance, during the five years (2005 - 2010) the club won the JK (Jan Kjellstrom International Festival of Orienteering) Relays (three times), the British Championships Relays (three times), the UK relay league (twice), the Harvester Relays (twice), the BUC's (British Universities and Colleges Sport) relays and Sheffield University Sports club of the year.

World Level Representation[edit]

The following is a (probably incomplete) list of current and former members of ShUOC who have represented Great Britain at an international level i.e. World Cup races or World Championships.

  • Emily Benham (MTBO) (World Cup winner 2014, 2015, 2016)
  • Kirsty Bryan-Jones
  • Kim Buckley
  • Mark Chapman
  • Matt Crane
  • Matthew Dickinson
  • Rachel Elder
  • Graham Gristwood (World Champion - Relay 2008)
  • Steven Hale (Silver in world championship men's relay team in 1993)
  • Mark Hayman (MTBO)
  • Don Hill (World University Championships 1978)
  • Oli Johnson
  • Kris Jones (World University Champions, Sprint & Mixed Sprint Relay, 2016)
  • Andy Kitchen
  • Wendy Lightfoot
  • Jenny Peel
  • John Rocke
  • Dave Schorah
  • Chris Smithard
  • Ralph Street
  • Jamie Stevenson (World Sprint Champion 2003)
  • Charlotte Ward (World University Champions, Mixed Sprint Relay, 2016)
  • Claire Ward
  • Helen Winskill (née Hargreaves)
  • Richard Wren


  1. ^ Southampton University Orienteering Club use the obvious 4 letter abbreviation (SUOC) hence the use of the abbreviation ShUOC


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