Sheikh Omar Al Amin

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Sheikh Omar Al Amin
Born 19 January 1960
Nationality Arabian
Occupation CEO & Chairman of Al Amin Group

Sheikh Omar Al Amin (Arabic: عمر امين) is the CEO of the Al-Amin Group, a large company based around UAE's maritime,insurance and transport sectors. Based in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, Al-Amin Group operates in many dimensions. Under the leadership of its founder, H.E Sheikh Omar Al-amin, it has grown to become the largest diversified group of companies in the Middle East.

In 1953, Al-Amin Group was started with a main focus in the maritime sector in Fujairah because of the area overlooking the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean.Since then there have been successful ventures in the transport and insurance sector in the UAE. [1]

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