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Sheikh Said (At the bottom right).

Sheikh Said of Palu or Piran (Kurdî Zazaki: Şêx Seîdê Pîranij, Kurdî Kurmancî: Şêx Seîdê Pîranî) (1865 in Hınıs[citation needed] – June 29, 1925 in Amed) was a Zaza Kurd sheikh of the Sunni order[1] and one of the leaders of Zaza Kurd rebellion, also known as the Sheikh Said Rebellion.[2]

He was originally from Bismil, Çılsütun,[3][4] but his family moved to today's Dicle district of Diyarbakır Province later moved to Hınıs, Erzurum. He was a revered sheikh of the Naqshbandi school of Sufism.

He was captured in mid-April 1925 and hanged with most of the other rebel leaders after being tricked by Turkish troops, commanded by Ali Riza Artunkal.[5]

His grandson, Abdülmelik Fırat, was a member of parliament.[6] Fırat says that his ancestors were not involved in politics until his grandfather, for they had cordial relations with the Ottoman elite.


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