Sheikhupura District

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ضِلع شَيخُوپُور

ضلع شیخاپورا
Sheikhupura District
Map of Punjab with Sheikhupura District highlighted
Map of Punjab with Sheikhupura District highlighted
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
Headquarters Sheikhupura
 • District Coordination Officer Arqam Tariq
 • Total 5,960 km2 (2,300 sq mi)
Population (1998)
 • Total 3,321,029
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Number of Tehsils 5

Sheikhupura (Urdu: ضِلع شَيخُوپُور‎) (Punjabi: ضلع شیخاپورا), is a district of Punjab province, Pakistan. Sheikhupura is the headquarters of Sheikhupura district. According to the 1998 census of Pakistan, the district had a population of 3,321,029 of which 25.45% were urban.[1] In 2005 one of its subdivisions was split off to form the new Nankana Sahib District.[2]

The predominant language of the district is Punjabi, which according to the 1998 census results for the tehsils of Sheikhupura, Ferozewala and Safdarabad, is the first language[3] of 98% of the population, while Urdu is the first language of 1.1%.[4]


The district comprises 5 tehsils:[2]

  1. Sheikhupura
  2. Ferozewala
  3. Muridke
  4. Sharaqpur
  5. Safdarabad (part of Nankana Sahib District between 2005 and 2008)[5]


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