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Sheila Ellison is an author and a speaker on issues relating to parenting and relationships.


Ellison appeared on CBS news in 2002 as a relationship consultant.[1] In the same year, her book, The Courage to Love Again, was favorably reviewed by Publishers Weekly.[2]


Activity and Child-rearing books

  • 365 Games Babies Play
  • 365 Games Toddlers Play, Nov 2003
  • 365 Days Of Creative Play (with Judith Gray), April 1995
  • 365 Afterschool Activities
  • 365 Foods Kids Love to Eat(with Judith Gray), July 2001
  • 365 Ways to Raise Great Kids (with Barbara Ann Barnett), Sept 1998
  • 365 Games Smart Babies Play (with Susan Ferdinandi), June 2005
  • 365 Smart Afterschool Activities (with Judith Gray), Sept 2005
  • 365 Games Smart Toddlers Play, April 2006
  • 365 Ways To Raise Confident Kids

Self-Help and relationship books

  • The Courage to be a Single Mother
  • Becoming Whole Again after Divorce
  • The Courage to Love Again
  • Creating Happy, Healthy Relationships after Divorce
  • How Does She Do It? 101 Life Lessons from One Mother to Another

As Editor

  • If Women Ruled the World, Sept 2004


Her books have been featured in:


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