Sheila Nirenberg

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Sheila Nirenberg
Alma mater SUNY Albany
Harvard University
Awards MacArthur Award, Beckman Young Investigator Award, TED Talk, NYC BioAccelerate Prize
Scientific career
Fields Neuroscience
Institutions Cornell University

Sheila Nirenberg is an American neuroscientist. She works in the field of neural coding, developing new kinds of prosthetic devices (devices that “talk to the brain in its own language"),[1][2][3][4] and new kinds of smart robots.[5][6] She is a recipient of a MacArthur “genius” award [7][8][9] and has been the subject of, or featured in, several documentaries for her technology for treating blindness.[10][11][12]

She is currently a professor at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University,[13] and the founder of two startup companies, Bionic Sight LLC (prosthetic devices) and Nirenberg Neuroscience LLC (smart robots, AI).[14]


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