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Sheila Steele speaking in Saskatoon in 2006

Sheila Rose Jones Steele (1943 – November 11, 2006) was a Canadian social activist based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She maintained a website,, which was dedicated to exposing alleged miscarriages of justice in Saskatchewan in particular, and in Canada as a whole.[1]

Steele became well known in Saskatchewan for her involvement in, and coverage of, the Richard Klassen foster children case, which led to one of Canada's largest settlements for malicious prosecution.[2]

Personal life[edit]

Steele was born to Arthur Jones and his wife, Laura. She was raised in Zealandia with her four sisters, and attended school in Zealandia and Rosetown.[3]

She is survived by her two sons, Kevin Steele and Marlon Gidluck.


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