Shek Lei Estate

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Shek Lei Estate
Shek Lei Estate
Chinese 石籬邨
Shek Lei
Chinese 石梨
Shek Lei Pui
Chinese 石梨貝

Shek Lei Estate (Chinese: 石籬邨), also known by Shek Lei (Chinese: 石籬/石梨, both are currently used) or Shek Lei Pui (Chinese: 石梨貝, original name), the area where the estate is located, is a public housing estate in Hong Kong, situated in northeast Kwai Chung,[1] New Territories near Shek Yam Estate, On Yam Estate and Shek Yam East Estate.[2]

The estate is separated into three parts, namely Shek Lei (I) Estate (Chinese: 石籬(一)邨), Shek Lei (II) Estate (Chinese: 石籬(二)邨) and Shek Lei Interim Housing (Chinese: 石籬中轉房屋). It has a total of 22 residential blocks with a population of about 35,000, while 2 shopping centres are also built to serve the residents. It is currently the second largest public housing estates in Kwai Chung, after Kwai Chung Estate.

Shek Lei (I) Estate[edit]

Shek Hing Estate, Shek Lei Estate

Shek Lei (I) Estate (also referred as Shek Lei Extension Chinese: 石籬擴展區 and New Shek Lei Chinese: 新石籬) has nine blocks. Of the nine blocks, seven are completed in the 1980s, and are situated on Lei Pui Street; the remaining 2, Shek On House and Shek Tai House, are located on Shek Pai Street, built during the redevelopment project of the estate in the 1990s.[3]

Name[4] Type Completion
Shek Ning House Slab 1985
Shek Sau House
Shek Chun House Double H
Shek Yat House 1986
Shek Hing House Linear 3 1989
Shek On House Harmony 1 1994
Shek Tai House 1997

Shek Lei (II) Estate[edit]

Shek Kai House and Shek Wah House, Shek Lei Estate

Shek Lei (II) Estate is located between Shek Li Street and Tai Loong Street. It is also referred as Shek Lei District or Shek Lei Resettlement Estate, as it was built on the site of a resettlement estate completed in the 1960s.[5][6] The estate was redeveloped between the 1990s and 2000s (decade).[7] However, two old blocks are retained, and were converted into Interim Housing.

Name[8] Type Completion
Shek Wah House Harmony 1 1995
Shek Kai House
Shek Fu House 2000
Shek Cheung House
Shek Kwong House 2002
Shek Wing House
Shek Yan House Harmony 3A
Shek Hei House Small Household Block 2000
Shek Fuk House 2003
Shek Wai House New Harmony 1 2008
Shek Yi House
Shek Foon House Non-Standard Domestic Block T 2013

Shek Lei Interim Housing[edit]

Block 10 and 11, Shek Lei Estate

Two old blocks, Blocks 10 and 11, are retained for Interim Housing since 1997, to provide totally 1,946 units for rehousing those homeless families who are not immediately eligible for public housing.[9][10][11][12]

Yi Fung Court[edit]

Yee Fung Court

Yi Yung Court (Chinese: 怡峰苑) is a Home Ownership Scheme court in the upper hills of Shek Lei Extension, Lei Pui Street. It has 2 blocks built in 1999.

Name[13] Type Completion
Yuet Fung House New Cross Block 1999
Ho Fung House


There are more than 10 schools in Shek Lei.


In the 2007 Hong Kong District Council election, Leung Kwok Wah of Democratic Party won the electorate by receiving 2680 ballots over Lai Siu Tong of Liberal Party with 2445 ballots .

Shopping centres[edit]

Shek Lei (I) Shopping Centre
Shek Lei (II) Shopping Centre

Shek Lei Shopping Centre serves the shopping needs of residents in the vicinity. It is divided into Phase I and Phase II, and both of them are located at the junction of Tai Loong Street and Wai Kek Street. A wet market is also located inside Shek Lei Shopping Centre Phase I.[14]

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