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Shelah may refer to:

  • Shelah (son of Judah), a son of Judah according to the Bible
  • Shelah (name), a Hebrew personal name
  • Shlach, the 37th weekly Torah portion (parshah) in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading
  • Salih, a prophet described in the Qur'an whom some scholars believe to be the Islamic counterpart of Shelah son of Judah
  • Salah, sometimes referred to by the name "Shelah", a minor Biblical figure (son of Arpachshad, father of Eber)
  • Pool of Siloam, also referred to as the "pool of Shelah", a site of Biblical significance in Jerusalem
  • Shenei Luhot HaBerit, Hebrew initialed "Shelah", 16th-century Rabbi Isaiah Horowitz most influential work
  • Ofer Shelah (born 1960), Israeli politician
  • Saharon Shelah (born 1945), a contemporary mathematician working in set theory and logic
  • Original name of Shadmot Mehola, a West Bank Israeli settlement

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