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Dr. Sheldon Wallace
Private Practice character
First appearance "Crime and Punishment" 2x08
Last appearance "In Which We Say Goodbye" 6x13
Created by Shonda Rhimes
Portrayed by Brian Benben
Nickname(s) Shelley
Gender Male
Occupation Psychiatrist at Seaside Health & Wellness (former)
Psychiatrist at Pacific Wellcare Center (former)
Title M.D.
Spouse(s) Laura Wallace (divorced)
Significant other(s) Violet Turner
Charlotte King
Miranda (deceased)

Dr. Sheldon Wallace is a fictional character in the ABC drama Private Practice, a spin-off of Grey's Anatomy. He is portrayed by Brian Benben.


Sheldon's father was a surgeon. He originally wanted to be a surgeon but switched to psychiatry during his intern year.[1]

Dr. Sheldon Wallace is a board-certified psychiatrist with extensive training in general adult and adolescent psychotherapy as well as diagnostic evaluation. Dr. Wallace trained at Stanford Medical School but also spent time serving in the National Guard, where he honed his darts skills.


Season 2[edit]

In season 2 of Private Practice, Sheldon is hired by Charlotte King as the psychiatrist for Pacific Wellcare where he meets and starts up a relationship with fellow psychiatrist Violet Turner. Sheldon initially had problems in his relationship with Violet in the bedroom because he feels inadequate, but he later works them out. When Violet gets pregnant, Sheldon tells her he loves her and proposes to her, despite not knowing who the father is. Violet doesn't answer straight away, and Pete instead tells Violet he should have fought for her and loves her, and she chooses Pete over Sheldon. Ultimately, Pete lets it slip that Violet has chosen him. Sheldon sadly but gracefully steps aside.

Season 3[edit]

In Season 3 of Private Practice, Sheldon is among the group blaming himself for what has happened to Violet, and he and Pete get into a fight. Later, Sheldon requests a paternity to test on Violet's son, Lucas, and the tests reveal Pete to be the father and Sheldon once again gracefully backs away.

Throughout the season Sheldon struggles to find his place in the practice and ultimately pursues a relationship with Charlotte who is still in love with Cooper. The two grow even closer but Charlotte's heart is clearly with Cooper. In the season finale he professes his love for Charlotte and is heartbroken when she gets engaged to Cooper.

Season 4[edit]

In Season 4 of Private Practice, Sheldon continues to be the resident "therapist" to all his friends and colleagues. Amelia Shepherd makes sexual advances on him based on what both Charlotte and Violet have to say about their past sexual experiences with him and they tell Amelia that Sheldon plays hard to get. Early in the season he inadvertently discovers the identity of the man who raped Charlotte; he had interviewed the man, Lee McHenry, the night she was attacked and he had her blood on him. He later confronts McHenry, telling him he knows that McHenry will rape again. He starts an affair with a writer who gave Violet's new book a bad review despite the warning from Cooper that the affair is going to jeopardise his friendship with Violet.

Season 5[edit]

During this season Sheldon finds himself trying to help Pete after his heart attack and Violet after she is reinstated and allowed to practice medicine. The one person he can't help is Amelia, as he is firmly against her helping her friend commit physician-assisted suicide. After Amelia's friend kills herself, Amelia goes on a drug binge and begins using with her boyfriend, and later fiance. During an intervention, Sheldon constantly tries to reason and talk with Amelia who tells him she will never love him. After Amelia checks into rehab, she and Sheldon talk and visit one another and seem to be on track for resuming their friendship.


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