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ShelleyDevoto is a musical collaboration between singer Howard Devoto and singer/guitarist Pete Shelley. Both were founding members of the Buzzcocks in the mid-1970s, and ShelleyDevoto was their first collaboration in over two decades.

The album Buzzkunst was released in 2001 on Cooking Vinyl, along with one single/video, "Til the Stars in His Eyes Are Dead". The vocals and lyrics, primarily by Devoto, remain reminiscent of his post-Buzzcocks bands Magazine and Luxuria. The music, however, is something of a departure for both men, blending Shelley's trademark rough-yet-melodic guitar with electronica. Reviews were mixed but mostly positive, with a 70% ranking on MetaCritic.[1]

Some sources incorrectly refer to the band by the name of the album Buzzkunst - due to the similarity to 'Buzzcocks'.


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