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Professor Shelley Haley at the AIA-SCS Annual Conference 2019 in San Diego.

Shelley Haley is the Edward North Chair of Classics and Professor of Africana Studies at Hamilton College, New York.[1]


Haley completed her PhD at the University of Michigan in 1977, with a thesis titled ‘The Role of Amicitia in the Life of Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus’.[2]

She was appointed to the faculty at Hamilton College in 1989,[1] and has also held appointments at Washington University-St Louis (‘Distinguished Visiting Scholar’, 2002);[3] and Hobart and William Smith Colleges (‘Melvin Hill Visiting Scholar-in-Residence’, 2013).[4]

Haley participated in the Oxford Round Table in 2003;[3] and has served a four-year term as chief reader for the AP Latin Exam, and has chaired the AP Latin Exam Development Committee.[3]

Haley was a founding member of The Kirkland Project for the Study of Gender, Culture, and Society;[5] the Institute for Global African Studies (IGAS);[1] and the Multiculturalism, Race, and Ethnicity in Classics Consortium (MRECC). In September 2019 Haley was elected President of the Society for Classical Studies.[6]

Distinctions and awards[edit]

Haley has been awarded several distinctions for her excellence in teaching and research. These include:

  • Excellence in Teaching of the Classics at College Level Award, Society for Classical Studies, 2017.[7]
  • The Samuel and Helen Long Prize for Excellence in Teaching, Hamilton College, 2015.[3]
  • Merit Award, American Classical League, 2007.[8]
  • Certificate of Recognition, The College Board, 2007.[1]
  • Outstanding Woman of the Year Award in the Field of Education, YWCA of the Mohawk Valley, 1999.[1]
  • The Pentagon Outstanding Service Award, Hamilton College, 1997.[1]

International media[edit]

Haley was interviewed in 1999 for The Learning Channel series Rome: Power and Glory.[9][10]

She was also interviewed by BBC World Radio in April 2000, regarding the reopening of the Library of Alexandria;[1] and for the BBC series Timewatch (episode - 'In Search of Cleopatra') in December 1997 and January 1998.[11]

Selected publications and lectures[edit]

Haley has published and presented widely on Cleopatra, Black Feminist Pedagogy, and the impact of a classical education on African-American women. Recent examples of her work include:

  • “When I Enter’: Disrupting the White, Heteronormative Narrative of Librarianship” (co-authored with Caitlin Pollock) in Pushing the Margins: Women of Color and Intersectionality in LIS, eds. Rose L. Chou & Anna Pho. Sacramento: Litwin Books and Library Juice Press, 2018.[12]
  • “Re-presenting Reality: Provincial Women As Tools of Roman Social Reproduction.” Women's Classical Caucus Panel, “Provincial Women in the Roman Imagination.” American Philological Association, Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL., January 2–5, 2014.[13]
  • “Performing Race: A Critical Race Feminist Looks at Seneca 47.” The Classical Association of the Atlantic States, Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA., October 10–12, 2013.[14]
  • “Scientific Racism.” Co-authored with Dr. Michele Paludi. Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology, York, England: Springer Reference, December 2012.[15]
  • “Be Not Afraid of the Dark: Critical Race Theory and Classical Studies,” in Laura Nasrallah and Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza (eds.), Prejudice and Christian Beginnings: Investigating Race, Gender and Ethnicity in Early Christian Studies, 4 Minneapolis, Minn.: Fortress Press, 2009: 27-50.[16][17]
  • “Lucian’s ‘Leaena and Clonarium’: Voyeurism or a Challenge to Assumptions?” in Among Women: From the Homosocial to the Homoerotic in the Ancient World, edited by Nancy S. Rabinowitz and Lisa Auanger, Austin, Texas: The University of Texas Press, 2002: 286-303.[18][19]
  • "Archias, Theophanes, and Cicero: The Politics of the Pro Archia." The Classical Bulletin 59, 1983: 1-4.[1]
  • "Self-definition, community and resistance : Euripides' Medea and Toni Morrison's Beloved." Thamyris: mythmaking from past to present, Vol. 2, No. 2 (1995): 177-206.[1]
  • "Black Feminist Thought and Classics: Re-membering, Re-claiming, Re-empowering" in Feminist Theory and the Classics, eds. Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz & Amy Richlin, New York & Oxford: Routledge, 1993.[1]


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