Shelly Park

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Shelly Park
Shelly Park Beach - View towards Waiheke Island
Basic information
Local authority Auckland City
Population 2,097 (2006)
North Cockle Bay (760 m)
West Botany Downs (2.1 km)
Northwest Howick (1.9 km)

Shelly Park is an eastern suburb of Auckland, in northern New Zealand. The suburb is in the Howick ward, one of thirteen electoral divisions of the Auckland Council.

According to the 2006 census, Shelly Park has a population of 2097.[1]

It is named after the beach of the same name.

Shelly Park Cruising Club (SPCC) is a yacht club at this beach which also offers dry docking facilities and the beach is an access point to the estuary where boats are moored.

The beach is also one end of a nature walkway - Mangemangeroa Reserve - which runs from there to Somerville Road.

Shelly Park Primary School is a junior school in the area. Howick College is the high school for this area.


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Coordinates: 36°54′31.28″S 174°57′11.33″E / 36.9086889°S 174.9531472°E / -36.9086889; 174.9531472