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Shelpeks in a plate
Alternative namesChalpak, Chalpyak
Region or stateCentral Asia
Created byOghuz Turks
Main ingredientsFlour, Milk & Kaymak

Shelpek (Turkmen: çelpek; Kazakh: шелпек, romanized: shelpek; Kyrgyz: май токоч, челпек; Uzbek: чалпак, romanized: chalpek; Uighur: чалпак, romanizedchalpyak) is a traditional Central Asian flatbread commonly consumed all over the region. The main ingredients of shelpek are flour, milk, sugar, butter, sour cream such as Kaymak, baking soda, salt and vegetable oil.

The dough is shaped into balls and fried in hot vegetable oil until reaching a golden color. Shelpek can also be prepared with yeast, thus the dough stays soft for a longer period of time. The recipe to prepare the dough in the given case is similar to the one used for baursak.

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