Shelter Cove, Pacifica, California

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Shelter Cove is a 17-acre (6.9 ha) beach neighborhood at the southerly edge of Pacifica, California consisting of seventeen rustic rental cottages.[1]


Historically it was a recreational beach and popular San Francisco tourist destination–Shelter Cove was a picnic day stop along the Ocean Shore Railroad during its heyday, and later through the Prohibition Era up until the 1940s.[2] A restaurant and bar, the Clipper Ship, operated at Shelter Cove for many years during this period. Ever since the access road washed out during a 1983 storm, this neighborhood and beach is accessible only by footpath or boat.[1] Public access to the Shelter Cove beach from this road and footpath was closed in 1975.[3]

The Shelter Cove beach has been a center of attention as result of a public beach access prescriptive easement complaint lodged with the California Coastal Commission.[4] On March 19, 2008 the City of Pacifica filed a court action to force the maintenance of the footpath and hillside from risk of landslide.[1] On January 20, 2009 the planning commission of Pacifica gave permission to current owner Arno Rohloff to repair a staircase to the property since the footpath has fallen completely into the sea.[5]

Shelter Cove is currently owned by Arno Rohloff since July 1997,[1] with prior owners from the 1960s until 1997 were Charles (Chuck) Pavka and Mary (Maty) Pavka.[6]


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