Shen of the Sea

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Shen of the Sea
Shen of the Sea.jpg
Author Arthur Bowie Chrisman
Country United States
Language English
Genre Children's short stories
Publisher E. P. Dutton
Publication date
Media type Print (hardback and a paperback)

Shen of the Sea is a collection of short stories by Arthur Bowie Chrisman that won the Newbery Medal in 1926.

Chrisman's original stories are written in the style of humorous Chinese folk tales. The title story tells of a king who tries to match wits with the demons of the water in order to save his city from a flood. Other tales relate the origin of chopsticks, and an instance when mud pies are revealed to be the origin of fine China.

Short Stories in Collection[edit]

  • Ah Mee's Invention - about the invention of the printing press
  • Shen of the Sea - a story about tricking demons to save a kingdom
  • How Wise Were the Old Men - a story about prophecy and the twists life take
  • Chop-Sticks - about the invention of chop sticks
  • Buy a Father - a story about morality, primarily obedience
  • Four Generals - a story about using cleverness to overcome
  • The Rain King's Daughter - a story about a young woman who uses cleverness to avoid a war
  • Many Wives - a story about a beautiful young maiden and a not so bright king
  • That Lazy Ah Fun - about the invention of gunpowder
  • The Moon Maiden - a love story
  • Ah Tcha the Sleeper - a story about tea
  • I Wish It Would Rain - a story about an over indulged queen
  • High as Han Hsin - about the invention of the kite
  • Contrary Chueh Chun - a funny story about a man who always does or believes the opposite
  • Pies of the Princess - the invention of fine china
  • As Hai Low Kept House - a funny story about following orders literally and a series of unfortunate circumstances
Preceded by
Tales from Silver Lands
Newbery Medal recipient
Succeeded by
Smoky the Cowhorse