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Shena Eleanor Fraser (born 26 May 1910, d. 1993) was a Scottish composer who also composed under her married name of Shena Neame and the pseudonym Sebastian Scott.[1] She was born in Stirling, Scotland, and studied piano performance with Henry Wilson, Maurice Sons and Herbert Howells at the Royal College of Music in London.[2]


Selected works include:

  • Carillon, song cycle
  • Full Fathom Five, song cycle
  • Two Unison Songs, song cycle
  • A lake and a fairy boat (Text: Thomas Hood)
  • Before the paling of the stars (in Carillon) (Text: Christina Georgina Rossetti)
  • It is the evening hour (Text: John Clare)
  • Margaret has a milking-pail (in Two Unison Songs) (Text: Christina Georgina Rossetti)
  • My Boy John (in Full Fathom Five) (Text: Sydney Thompson Dobell)
  • On a winter's night long time ago (in Carillon) (Text: Hilaire Belloc)
  • Red poppies (Text: William Sharp)
  • Requiem (Text: Robert Louis Stevenson) ITA GER
  • Sing me a song (Text: Christina Georgina Rossetti)
  • The ferryman (Text: Christina Georgina Rossetti)
  • To sea (in Full Fathom Five) (Text: Thomas Lovell Beddoes)
  • Ferry me across the water as Sebastian Scott (Text: Christina Georgina Rossetti) [3]


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