Shenandoah (album)

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Studio album by Shenandoah
Released 1987
Genre Country
Label Columbia Nashville
Producer Robert Byrne
Rick Hall
Shenandoah chronology
The Road Not Taken

Shenandoah is the self-titled debut album of the American country music band Shenandoah. Released in 1987 on Columbia Records, it includes three singles: "They Don't Make Love Like We Used To" and "Stop the Rain." "Stop the Rain" was the band's first Top 40 country hit, peaking at #28 on Billboard Hot Country Singles (now Hot Country Songs). "She Doesn't Cry Anymore" carried over to the band's 1989 album The Road Not Taken, being released as a single from it.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Stop the Rain" (Wayland Holyfield, Richard Leigh)
  2. "She Doesn't Cry Anymore" (Robert Byrne, Will Robinson)
  3. "It Ain't Love Til It Hurts" (W. Caylor, Billy Henderson)
  4. "The Show Must Go On" (Steven Dale Jones, Mike McGuire)
  5. "They Don't Make Love Like We Used To" (J. R. Adkins, Billy Henderson, G. Rogers)
  6. "What She Wants" (B. Garfrerick, Billy Maddox, Henderson)
  7. "She's Still Here" (Jim Seales)
  8. "I'm Gonna Hurt Her on the Radio" (Tom Brasfield, Mac McAnally)
  9. "Lily of the Alley" (Jones, McGuire, Marty Raybon)
  10. "Can't Stop Now" (Gary Nicholson, Wendy Waldman)