Shenyang–Dalian Expressway

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Shenda Expressway
Shenhai Expressway
Route information
Length 248.5 mi (399.9 km)
Existed 1984 – present
Major junctions
From Dalian, Liaoning
To Shenyang, Liaoning
Highway system

The Shenyang–Dalian Expressway, or Shenda Expressway (simplified Chinese: 沈大高速公路; traditional Chinese: 瀋大高速公路; pinyin: Shěndà Gāosù Gōnglù) is a 400 km (250 mi) expressway that connects Shenyang and Dalian, the two largest cities of China's Liaoning province.

The G000 Series expressway is a toll road with toll booths mostly at on/off ramps (toll plaza used at terminus in Dailan).

Standard guiderails are used along the G15. Grass or shrubs are used to divide the opposing lanes of traffic.


The highway was built between 1984 and 1990. The name combines the first character of each of the 2 cities, Shen and Da, making it the Shenda highway. It translates literally to Shenda high-speed roadway. Originally, it was a 4-lane freeway. It was rebuilt recently and now has 8 lanes.


Shenda highway is claimed to be the first expressway in China mainland. It was planned as an express highway but was actually built as a freeway. Due to its length (400 km (250 mi)), it was opened section by section. Although the entire route was not completed until 1990, its first section had already opened in 1986. By 1988, more than 100 km (62 mi) of the route was opened to public traffic. Its competitor, the Hujia Expressway, only 18.5 km (11.5 mi) long, also claimed to be the first expressway in mainland China. It was completed in 1988.

Main Exits[edit]

Exit name Approx. kilometers from start
Shenyang North (merging of G1113 with G1501) 0
Shenyang 3
Liaoyang 67
Anshan 92
Haicheng 128
Dashiqiao 160
Gaizhou 190
Xiongyuecheng 221
Wafangdian 295
Pulandian 322
Jinzhou 367
Dalian 400