Shenick Island

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Shenick Island
Native name: Oileán na Sionnach
Shenick's Island - - 491316.jpg
Shenick Island with Martello Tower. Rockabill is visible in the background
Shenick Island is located in island of Ireland
Shenick Island
Shenick Island
Location Irish Sea
Coordinates 53°34′20″N 6°05′01″W / 53.5722°N 6.0835°W / 53.5722; -6.0835Coordinates: 53°34′20″N 6°05′01″W / 53.5722°N 6.0835°W / 53.5722; -6.0835
Archipelago Skerries
Province Leinster
County Dublin
Population 0 (2011)

Shenick Island or Shenick's Island (Irish: Oileán na Sionnach, meaning "fox island") is an island that lies east of Skerries, County Dublin, Ireland. It is populated only by seals, that harbour on the western side of the island and a few different species of seabirds nest there. It may be reached by boat but at low tide you can reach it by crossing a sand bank.

The most prominent feature on Shenick Island is a Martello tower. It is possible to climb into this with some effort. The martello tower is relatively intact however any wooden floors are long gone. The spiral staircase is still intact and access to the tower roof is possible. The old cooking grate is still intact but the iron grate is heavily rusted.

The Island had a population of four people in 1841.