Shenmue: The Animation

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Shenmue: The Animation
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Created by
Anime television series
Directed byChikara Sakurai
Produced byYu Suzuki
Written byKento Shimoyama
Music byKana Shibue
StudioTelecom Animation Film
Licensed by
Original networkTokyo MX, BS Nittere
English network
Original run February 6, 2022 May 1, 2022
Episodes13 (List of episodes)

Shenmue: The Animation, also known simply as Shenmue, is a Japanese anime television series based on the Shenmue video game series by Yu Suzuki and published by Sega.[2] A co-production between Crunchyroll and Adult Swim, the series aired from February to May 2022.[3][4] A Japanese streaming release followed in April 2022. Shortly after its streaming debut in Japan, it was decided that a televised broadcast of the series would commence a month later on Tokyo MX in May 2022. The anime series adapts the storyline of the first two games, Shenmue (1999) and Shenmue II (2001).


After he witnesses his father's murder at the family dojo, Ryo Hazuki dedicates his life to finding the man responsible – a mission that takes him from the streets of Yokosuka, Japan, to the sprawling metropolis of Hong Kong and beyond. Ryo will learn that larger, mystical forces are at play as he trains to become the ultimate martial artist in his quest for revenge.[5]


Ryo Hazuki (芭月涼, Hazuki Ryō)
Voiced by: Masaya Matsukaze[4] (Japanese); Austin Tindle[4] (English)
An 18-year-old Japanese teenager who goes on a journey to avenge his father.
Lan Di (藍帝, Rantei)
Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai[4] (Japanese); Scott Gibbs[4] (English)
A high-ranking member of the Chi You Men.
Shenhua (シェンファ, Shenfa)
Voiced by: Haruka Terui[6] (Japanese); Natalie Rial[4] (English)
A mysterious teenager who becomes Ryo's traveling companion.
Nozomi Harasaki (原崎 望, Harasaki Nozomi)
Voiced by: Haruka Fushimi[6] (Japanese); Cat Thomas[4] (English)
Ryo's close friend.
Guizhang Chen (陳 貴章, Chin Kishō)
Voiced by: Ryuichi Kijima[6] (Japanese); Jeremy Gee[4] (English)
Master Chen's son.
Chai (チャイ)
Voiced by: Yoshimitsu Shimoyama[7] (Japanese); Greg Ayres[4] (English)
A low-ranking member of the Chi You Men.
Wong (ウォン, Won)
Voiced by: Shouta Hayama[8] (Japanese); Bryson Baugus[4] (English)
The youngest member of Wuying Ren's gang, the Heavens.
Joy (ジョイ, Joi)
Voiced by: M.A.O[8] (Japanese); Luci Christian[4] (English)
A young Chinese woman who can most often be seen around Aberdeen.
Xiuying Hong / Lishao Tao
Voiced by: Mirei KumagaiEp. 6 credits (Japanese); Christine Auten[4] (English)
A Tai Chi martial artist and master of the Man Mo Temple.
Ren Wuying (レン・ウーイン, Ren Ūin)
Voiced by: Osamu Taira[8] (Japanese); Cody House[4] (English)
The leader of the notorious gang, the Heavens.
Dou Niu (斗牛, Togyū)
Voiced by: Takahiro Sumi[8] (Japanese); Joe Daniels[4] (English)
The leader of the Yellow Heads.

Production and release[edit]

The series was announced on September 4, 2020, at the virtual Crunchyroll Expo.[3] The series was directed by Chikara Sakurai, best known for directing the second season of One-Punch Man. Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki was an executive producer on the series.[9] Kento Shimoyama wrote the series' scripts, Kensuke Ishikawa designed the characters, and Kana Shibue composed the music.[10] The series was animated by Telecom Animation Film with production management by Sola Entertainment.[11] The opening theme is "Undead-Noid" performed by Kashitarō Itō, while the ending theme is "Sympathy" performed by Narudora.[10][6] The series consists of 13 episodes and it aired on Adult Swim's Toonami programming block and was streamed on Crunchyroll from February 6 to May 1, 2022. The English dub of the series was provided by Sentai Studios.[5][11][4] The series premiered in Japan on multiple streaming services on April 7, 2022.[8] Shortly after its streaming launch in Japan, it was announced that Tokyo MX would begin broadcasting the series a month later starting on May 3, 2022.[12]

According to the producer Yuu Kiyozono, the anime was in development for around two to three years during the time Shenmue III was produced and released. Kiyozono said that the production crew went to Yokosuka to get an accurate feel of the city's streets and atmosphere.[13] Most of the core Japanese voice actors returned from the video games, although some of the cast included new voice actors to appeal to the game's younger fanbase.[13]

Producer Joseph Chou said that Suzuki was heavily involved in the production to plan out the narrative with backstory information that was never implemented in the games.[14] Sakurai added that some free roaming aspects were included with Ryo talking to people in the streets.[14] On October 8, 2021, Shenmue's first official trailer was revealed at New York Comic Con.[15]

On September 28, 2022, Jason DeMarco confirmed that the series would not be renewed for a second season after it was removed from Adult Swim's website.[16]


No.Title [b]Directed by [c]Storyboarded by [c]English air date [d]Japanese air date [12]
Transcription: "Hekireki" (Japanese: 霹靂)
Chikara SakuraiChikara SakuraiFebruary 6, 2022 (2022-02-06)May 3, 2022
In November 1986 in Yokosuka, Ryo Hazuki is the only legitimate heir of the Hazuki dojo. After helping his school win the prefectural karate tournament, he returns home to discover a mysterious man by the name Lan Di. Demanding to know the location of a mirror, Ryo's father, Iwao, gives it up. Once it is retrieved, Lan Di asks Iwao if he remembers the name Sunming Zhao. Following a one-sided battle, Iwao gives Ryo his final words before dying. Some days later, Ryo contemplates pursuing Lan Di in hopes of uncovering the truth. After going out for some ramen with his friend Nozomi Harasaki, a man overhears them talking about Lan Di and insinuates the latter may have ties with the Chinese mafia. Ryo returns home wondering about his father's involvement. While entering the dojo, Ryo is attacked by another man, who demands the location of a second mirror. After Ryo manages to dodge his attacks and counter, the man flees. Ryo proclaims to his friend Fuku and housekeeper Ine that he will uncover his father's past and why he was murdered.
Transcription: "Kawatare" (Japanese: 彼誰)
Keiko OyamadaYūichirō YanoFebruary 13, 2022 (2022-02-13)May 10, 2022
Ryo receives a letter addressed to his father that was sent by a man known as Yuanda Zhu. When Ryo later visits the Heartbeats Bar in Dobuita, he gets in a scuffle. After Ryo promises that he will never return in exchange for information regarding the Chinese mafia, the barkeep informs him that he should seek out a man known as Charlie. Ryo finds Charlie and his men, but they attack him and Charlie runs away. Later regrouping, Charlie and his men are convinced Ryo was sent by another gang called the Chen. The next day, Ryo is approached by two men who take him to a construction site. There, Charlie and his men attempt to ambush Ryo but he counters them. After discovering Ryo has no connections with the Chen, Charlie reveals that the man he is targeting is dangerous foe even among mafia members. Shigeo, Iwao's old friend, goes to the park after accidentally eavesdropping on Ryo's conversation with Charlie. Once they meet, Shigeo advises Ryo to visit a pottery shop in town where its owner can read the contents of his letter. Before leaving, Shigeo teaches Ryo several forms of martial arts.
Transcription: "On'yō" (Japanese: 陰陽)
Ōri Yasukawa & Nobuo TomizawaNobuo TomizawaFebruary 20, 2022 (2022-02-20)May 17, 2022
Thanks to the pottery shop owner, Ryo finally deciphers the letter. After calling Master Chen, he is secretly taken to a warehouse. There, he discovers who Lan Di is and why he is after the two mirrors. Ryo and the Chen conclude that his father must have been hiding the other mirror elsewhere. Back at home, Ine notes that Iwao visited an antique dealer days before he died. Ryo visits the dealer's store and learns what his father left behind. Days later, Ryo unlocks a secret room containing the second mirror thanks to a conversation he had with Fuku. At the warehouse, Ryo shows it to Master Chen and Guizhang and learns more about the history of the mirrors. Suddenly, Chai, who attacked Ryo at the dojo, ambushes them and manages to steal the mirror, but is unable to escape with it. Master Chen believes the man to be a member of either the Chi You Men or Mad Angels. Wanting to know where Lan Di would go next, Master Chen answers Hong Kong, with Ryo announcing his intention to follow him there.
Transcription: "Shikkoku" (Japanese: 桎梏)
Tomonori KurokawaTomonori KurokawaFebruary 27, 2022 (2022-02-27)May 24, 2022
After discovering how much money he needs to purchase a ticket to Hong Kong, Ryo starts working for a company at the harbor, where the boss introduces him to Mark. At the end of the day, Ryo is met by Goro, who shows him around the harbor. Meanwhile, Terry from the Mad Angels is informed by his men about how Ryo is snooping around. That night, Ryo runs into Nozomi and they talk at the Sakura Park. The next day, Mark is beaten by members of the Mad Angels. When Ryo arrives, Mark demands he flee, but he stays and defeats the men. Mark reveals he is working to find his son, who had joined the Mad Angels. That same night, after making a flower delivery at a harbor bar, Nozomi tails two members only to be caught. After Ryo discovers her captivity, he is force to fight and kill Guizhang. Before confronting him, Ryo manages to write the number of the warehouse Nozomi is being held in for Goro to find. Ryo then confronts Guizhang where they both fight and seemingly knock each other out.
Transcription: "Hitchū" (Japanese: 匹儔)
Keiko OyamadaHisao YokoboriMarch 6, 2022 (2022-03-06)May 31, 2022
Goro notices Ryo's message and immediately notifies Mai. They run to the harbor where they meet Mark. After he is notified on the situation, all three manage to rescue Nozomi. Back outside the harbor, Ryo and Guizhang get up and surprise the Mad Angels. It is revealed that they were secretly working together during their fight. Terry summons a majority of his gang to attack them, but they are all beaten. Ryo then allows Guizhang to fight and defeat Terry, who goes on to warn Ryo that following Lan Di to Hong Kong is a foolish mission. Days later, Ryo formally quits his harbor job. After he bids farewell to Mark, Ine, Fuku and Nozomi, Ryo heads to port where he is met by Master Chen, who informs Ryo that Guizhang will accompany him to Hong Kong. Suddenly, the group is once again attacked by Chai, who manages to fracture Guizhang's leg before he is knocked into the water by Ryo. Despite the injury, Guizhang insists on coming along, but Ryo dissuades him. Ryo then boards a boat heading to Hong Kong.
Transcription: "Rinko" (Japanese: 凛乎)
Atsushi Wakabayashi & Maki KodairaYūichirō YanoMarch 13, 2022 (2022-03-13)June 7, 2022
Ryo arrives in Hong Kong, where he is instantly greeted with a lady riding a motorbike that nearly hits him and advises him as a foreigner to be wary of pickpockets. Walking across Hong Kong, Ryo is met by a boy name Wong who asks to be saved from three seemingly thugs. This turns out to be a diversion so that Ryo's bag could be stolen by the boy, and the group escapes with it. Ryo reports the bag snatching to the local police, with no avail. Ryo tries to find a place to stay, but none that he finds are vacant. Ryo begins asking around for information on the person that Master Chen suggested he find, Lishao Tao. During his search, he finds an old man practicing Tai Chi in the park and after deducing that Ryo is a martial artist, the two briefly spar. After getting directions from the man, Ryo manages to stumble across Man Mo Temple, where he hopes to find the whereabouts of Tao. Ryo approaches a woman praying, who claims she doesn't know Lishao Tao. Ryo approaches a monk working at the temple and shows him the letter of introduction. The monk refuses to allow him an audience with Tao as he is not ready and should come back another time. Returning to the park, the old man learns from Ryo that he's seeking Tao and decides to show him the Iron Palm move. He offers to give Ryo a hint on where Tao is if he manages to cover the ground with leaves after using the same move on the park tree. Ryo only manages to get a single leaf to fall on his first try. This makes Ryo resolved to continue trying. The same night, he's met by Joy who helps him against a couple of brutes. Ryo learns from Joy about Wong and his backstory of trying to survive in the streets as an orphan. Thanks to Joy, Ryo finds a hotel to stay in. The next day, Ryo convinces Joy to tell him the whereabouts of Wong. Ryo confronts Wong, who leads Ryo to the three thugs who stole from him. Ryo handily deals with the group and Wong returns the bag. Soon, Ryo manages to complete the task given to him by the old man who mentions that he has a knack for Wude and recites one of the four principles. Ryo visits the temple again and recites the first principle of Wude to the temple monk. Ryo tells the monk that he's looking for someone named Yuanda Zhu in hopes of uncovering why his father was killed. The woman from the temple is revealed to be Lishao Tao who claims that the path that Ryo walks will be a perilous one. Meanwhile, Wong and the gang report to an elusive man about Ryo, who takes interest in him.
Transcription: "Kyōgo" (Japanese: 嚮後)
Yoshihiro SugaiYoshihiro SugaiMarch 20, 2022 (2022-03-20)June 14, 2022
Ryo spars against Lishao to authenticate her identity, and is easily overpowered by her. Lishao releases him from her grip and requests that Ryo leave as she cannot help him. After Ryo talks with Hanhui about his misjudgment of Lishao, the monk suggests that he go to the Guang Martial Arts School to learn the remaining principles of Wude. Ryo goes there and consults with school grandmaster Zhoushan Xuan. Ryo tells him that he wants to learn Wude, but Zhoushan refuses to teach him it, as he claims to have once ruined a man's life, and thus feels unworthy of teaching the principle. The next day, Ryo is met by Joy as he seeks another skilled martial artist who knows of Wude. She points him in the direction of a performer at the local mall, who handily beats thugs without effort. In the mall, Ryo finds a homeless person laying on a mat, who asks Ryo if he's affiliated with the Yellow Heads. Ryo answers that he is from Japan, and from there the man uses Ryo as a public performer prop to earn some cash from the public. The man introduces himself as Zongquan and tries to start a partnership with Ryo, who declines the offer and asks to learn Wude from him. Zongquan declines, claiming he's inadequate in doing so, which Ryo claims the grandmaster also told him that same line. Upon learning this, Zongquan gives Ryo his cut and leaves. Ryo heads back to the arts school, relaying what he heard from Zongquan. Zhoushan elaborates his past relationship with Zongquan, and how he was forced to banish his student due to his misuse of what he had learned. Ryo visits the mall again seeking out Zongquan, but is instead confronted by Yellow Head members who are also looking for him. Zongquan arrives and proactively avoids fighting the gang, and informs Ryo to run with him instead of fighting. The following day, Ryo heads to the mall again where Zongquan is once again facing the Yellow Heads. Ryo claims that Zongquan is still adhering to his martial arts creed, but he claims that all he's doing is horsing around with the gang. Amused by this, the gang leader orders his men to withdraw, but claims that they'll meet again soon. With the Yellow Heads gone and after learning how Ryo knew about how he was holding back, Zongquan requests that he deliver his old master a letter. Ryo delivers the letter to Zhoushan, who reads it and claims its an allegory for one of the Wude principles Jie, and with that comes Zhoushan's realization that his student has not abandoned his teachings after all. Ryo visits Lishao and claims that him not knowing Jie made her reject helping him. Lishao claims it's not the only reason why she refused and insists that she still will not help him. Ryo refuses to give up, and Lishao has Ryo follow her to her own room where he'll stay until then, giving him her real name in the process.
Transcription: "Kikyū" (Japanese: 冀求)
Tomoyuki Kurokawa & Keiko OyamadaTomoyuki KurokawaMarch 27, 2022 (2022-03-27)June 21, 2022
Ryo has a dream about Lan Di meeting Shenhua and once he awakens, Fangmei visits him to relay a message from Lishao. She wants him to meet her at the temple and to move books inside the library outside to dry. While working on his task, Ryo falls off a ladder while trying to fetch books and hits the ground, immediately scolded by Fangmei. Although Ryo dislikes that Lishao ordered him to do "chores", Fangmei reminds him that it's a way for him to pay the "rent" for staying there. Ryo leaves with knowledge that they have to put the books back by 3 PM. Ryo attempts to find more martial artists and in this search, he bumps into the old lady from the apartment building and nearly breaks the package she's carrying. As punishment, the old lady has Ryo carry the it to a local tea shop and upon opening, it revealed to be a tea set. The old lady gives a brief backstory about the set and leaves while the waiter at the shop serves Ryo tea. Ryo is met by Joy and Wong, and he informs them of his current living situation and how he's seeking martial artists. Together, they encounter two female martial artists, but they are fruitless as neither of them are aware of the Wude. Elsewhere, Lishao and Fangmei encounter a boy and girl being confronted by two assailants. Lishao deals with the men by intimidating them with her presence, while Fangmei guides the children to a safe location. The boy claims that he wants to get stronger so he can protect his younger sister and beat up the men. Hearing this, makes Lishao reflect on a dark memory of hers and admonishes the boy from ever pursuing such endeavors. After Ryo returns to the temple an hour late for book pickups, Fangmei scolds Ryo for his truant nature and when she hears that Ryo is searching for Yuanda Zhu, she claims that she's never heard of him. Lishao overhears the conversation between the two and apologizes on Fangmei's behavior. Joy and Wong overhear the tea shop waiter talk recent developments in the South Carmain Quarter, who reveals that a martial artist has the place under control and mentions that the Yan Tin apartments is on the chopping block as well. Joy and Wong inform Ryo of a martial artist named Guixiang who lives at the Yan Tin apartments. Ryo immediately heads off and is secretly trailed by Fangmei. At the apartments, the same old lady is surrounded by a large group of assailants. Ryo arrives at the scene and deals with them and once they are dealt with the old lady claims that Ryo's epiphany is one of the teachings of Wude called Yi and introduces herself as Guixiang. Returning to the temple, Ryo informs Liashao of the principle of Yi. In turn, Lishao admits that she refused to help Ryo because of the desire of revenge that burned inside him and her refusal to have a hand in such endeavors. Fangmei formally apologizes to Ryo and gives him a hint towards Yuanda Zhu by mentioning a book called Wulinshu in the library, which was written by him. Ryo finds the book.
Transcription: "Chōhyō" (Japanese: 徴標)
Keiko Oyamada & Nobuo TomizawaTakashi SanoApril 3, 2022 (2022-04-03)June 28, 2022
Ryo reads the book by Sunming Zhao and recalls that Lan Di said to his father that he killed him. A note drops from the book, with a symbol that looks like four circles drawn in a check line-like pattern on it. The next day, Ryo visits Guixiang and learns that the symbol is the Chawan Sign and is told what each circle represents and its placement. Ryo learns about the check-like symbol on the back that shows that a person is a friend of Yuando Zhu. Ryo attempts this circle placement and is invited to Man Mo Park at 9 pm, but the meeting fails as Ryo is knocked out by an assailant. Awaking the next day at Man Mo Temple, Ryo spots the photo that Lishao was crying over a couple of days ago. Upon inspecting the back of it, the names of Lishao's true name and what appears to be her brother's name are written on it. Meeting with Fangmei, she informs Ryu that Lishao found and returned him; in turn, Ryo asks Fangmei about someone named Ziming. Fangmei discloses Ziming's relation to Lishao as her elder brother and about them being raised in an orphanage. Later after getting some advice from a barber, Ryo sets up the symbol again at a restaurant and the waitress there informs him that he has a phone call for him. After getting no response on the supposed call, Ryo returns to his table finds that a message was left for him. The message says to meet someone there at 8 pm. Ryo meets with an associate of Yuanda Zhu, but before they could formally talk about him, they're ambushed by members of the Yellow Head gang. The associate is captured by a member of the gang and Ryo deals with the others. Lishao quickly and quietly deals with the Yellow Head members without Ryo noticing. Ryo helps the associate and after showing him the letter from Yuando, the man introduces himself as Shuqin. He explains that Yuanda's whereabouts are unknown as he's being targeted by the Chi You Men. Still wanting to find him, Shuqin suggests that Ryo seek out Ren of the Heavens gang. After a brief struggle with guards, Ryo is allowed in to meet with Ren. After a brief test from Ren, he leads Ryo to the supposed location of Yuanda. In reality, he's led him to a shady business transaction involving the Yellow Heads. The lights go off and Ren steals the money used in the transaction, leaving Ryo to fight against the men. Ryo chases Ren to a construction building, where they end up falling from it. Landing on crates, Ren spots the mirror by Ryo's side and is told of his motivation to find Yuandu. Ren offers to help him find the man. A comment made by Ren makes Ryo realize what he's lacking and the following day meets with the barber and learns of the final Wude principle Dan. Furthermore, Ryo confronts Lishao and tells her that he knows about her brother, and in turn, Lishao asks him what he'll do when he finds his father's murderer. With the two at an impasse, Ryo declares that he is leaving the temple.
Transcription: "Kaiten" (Japanese: 廻天)
Nobuo Tomizawa & Keiko OyamadaTakashi SanoApril 10, 2022 (2022-04-10)July 5, 2022
Now having left the temple, Ryo talks with Ren, and the two agree to head to Kowloon to meet with a man named Yang, who gives them specific instructions to greet a man in black with a special password. They follow them, but when they're led to a room where Yuanda is supposedly in, Ren stays behind as he feels uneasy about it. Inside the room, Ryo is ambushed by two members of the Yellow Heads he encountered before along with their leader, Dou Niu. Ren breaks into the room and knocks out two members and the two of them face off against Dou, but are incapacitated by the giant and are locked inside a room. Now handcuffed together, Ren informs Ryo of the Yellow Head's background and how they came into power. After this, they manage to trick and overpower their guard to escape the compound, but are unable to uncuff themselves. Inside another building, Lan Di is met by Dou and his subordinate Yuan who informs him that they have captured two people who may have information on Yuanda Zhu. Suddenly, a member of the Yellow Heads arrives to inform them that Ren and the "Japanese kid" have escaped. Elsewhere, Ren and Ryo try to take the elevator, but are confronted by Yuan. Once Yuan was dealt with, Dou arrives in the other elevator and goes on a rampage against them. They manage to escape and the following day Wong unlocks their cuffs in his boathouse. Afterward, both Ryo and Ren interrogate Yang for real information on Yuanda and he suggests seeking out Huang. They visit Huang's room and find some of his tapes and proceed to listening to all of them in hopes of finding a clue to Yuanda's whereabouts. Eventually, one of the tapes involving a conversation between Dou and Yuan mentions Yuanda's name and the name of an acquaintance, Shuqin Zhang, who they have in their captivity. Following a clue left in the tape, they visit a local bird shop, where they learn from its owner that Yuan is a regular customer. They stake out until Yuan arrives and purchases some bird seeds and follow him back to his room. Both Ren and Ryo take out Yuan before he can feed his pet bird so they can rescue Shuqin, but Dou suddenly approaches. Tricking him by using the bird's mimicking skills, Ryo and Ren manage to lock Dou in the closet and rescue Shuqin. At a safe location, Shuqin explains that he's managed to get in contact with Yuanda and that he's currently hiding in the Ghost Hall Building. Ren suggests they leave, but before they go Shuqin gives them some keys, each representing one of the four saint beasts, and requests that Yuanda be kept safe. Inside the building, they manage to find Yuanda only to find out that they've been tailed by Yuan and Dou. Ren escapes out of a window, but Ryo stays behind and is overpowered out the window by Dou and lands on a roof below. Dou confronts Ryo, but is stopped by the sudden appearance of Lishao.
Transcription: "Chūbyū" (Japanese: 綢繆)
Ouri YasukawaYukihiro MatsushitaApril 17, 2022 (2022-04-17)July 12, 2022
Yuanda takes out Yuan's men with his cane, but Yuan draws a knife and slices it in half. Lishao easily defeats Dou, but he flees when he learns that Yuan has captured Yuanda. After fainting from his wounds, Ryo awakens in a church and is told by Lishao that she tended to his wounds. Ryo realizes that Lishao has been looking after him this entire time. Lishao talks about her brother, who left a convent to seek revenge against the people who murdered their parents. Because of their deaths, Ziming walked down a path which she hopes to avert Ryo from doing. Deciding to leave, Ryo is stopped outside by Lishao who requests to fight him as a testament to his growth as a martial artist. Ryo is easily overwhelmed by Lishao who uses a special move and offers to teach it to him. Later at Ren's hideout, Shuqin is informed of Yuanda's capture by Ryo, and Wong and Joy enter while he is informed that Yuanda was taken to the Yellow Head's building. Ryo is stopped by Joy who demands that she be let in on everything. Ren gives her a rundown of the situation, and Joy becomes anxious by hearing the Yellow Heads name mentioned, to which Wong notes. Following Shuqin's tip of an acquaintance of someone affiliated with the gang, Ryo and Ren visit the man and Ryo follows his request to spar with him. The man manages to best Ryo and advises him to not allow his sight to be used predominantly in the dark and that he should sharpen his other senses. Following this tip, Ryo manages to defend against the man's attacks and the man concedes. The man notes that he knew Ryo's father and that years ago they became familiar with each other and traded martial arts knowledge as well. Ren informs the man that Iwao is dead and he offers them information on how to gain access within the Yellow Heads. Following the man's instructions, Ryo manages to find himself faces off against a fighter known as Enjiang Zhou. Ryo easily defeats his opponent following the tips he received from the man and uses Lishao's technique on his opponent. Ryo continues his winning streak and after his last match, a man named Yuandao approaches him and asks to meet up at Dragon Street after dark. Meanwhile, Joy is met by Wong who asks what Ryo's current situation is. She claims that she doesn't know and although she's worried for him, she doesn't feel it necessary to help him despite her contrary emotions. Wong scolds Joy for her attitude, which makes Joy recall a memory of her past and claims to Wong that there's nothing she can do. Meeting with Yuandao, he gives Ryo a picture of a man named Greg More and says that if he's able to beat him they'll talk further. Heading into the arena, Ryo faces off against his opponent, Greg, whom he defeats with two moves. After the match, Yuandao gives Ryo instructions on the next match for him. Ryo encounters Ren having a fit for losing a lot of money by betting against him. This causes a minor argument between them which is eavesdropped on by the Yellow Head member. Meanwhile, Yuan informs Dou that Lan Di will arrive to pick up Yuanda tomorrow, and Dou relishes the thought that Hong Kong will soon be his. The following morning, Joy visits her mother's grave, and it's revealed that she was assassinated by the Yellow Heads. Elsewhere, Wong is approached by his friends who push him to find another target to steal from. After entering a building for his target, Wong overhears a conversation about Ryo and is chased by one of the men. Ryo meets up with Yuandao and is led into some place deep inside a building while Ren tails them. Ren takes out Yuandao after he spills out where the hostages are kept and creates a diversion with Yuandao's walkie-talkie. Ren and Ryo locate the room where they believe Yuanda to be only to find it empty and are confronted by Dou. Meanwhile, Wong manages to escape from his pursuer thanks to Joy and informs her of the dangers that Ren and Ryo are facing.
Transcription: "Miotsukushi" (Japanese: 澪標)
Yūichirō YanoYūichirō YanoApril 24, 2022 (2022-04-24)July 19, 2022
Joy learns from Wong about Ryo's situation and suggests that they not get involved, but Wong claims he wants to change and leaves. At the Yellow Head's building in Kowloon, Ren suggests they ditch Dou and continue searching for Yuanda Zhu. Ryo and Ren manage to give Dou a chase down throughout the complex and manage to lose him after the two cross a wooden plank ledge and Ren kicks it over. Elsewhere, Joy reminisces of her time with Ryo until Wong's pursuers catch up to her and she finally decides to assist Wong in helping Ryo and Ren. Joy and Wong discuss the plan to rescue the two from the Yellow Heads. Returning to Ryo and Ren, they're confronted by a chainsaw-wielding Yuan. They manage to get him off their tail after Ryo kicks over some junk that entraps Yuan. Now outside the building, Joy and Wong arrive and Joy demands an audience with Dou claiming to be the daughter of Chun from the White Tai. Dou frees Yuan from the rubble and Yuan is alerted of the arrival of Joy and Wong by fellow Yellow Head members. In a separate room of the complex, Joy has Wong search for Ryo and Ren by using the air vents. Yuan worries that the sudden arrival of Joy is bad timing and Dou puts out the order to have her locked up. Noting the silence in the surrounding area, Ren suggests they continue their search for Yuanda, to which Ryo agrees. Using a pilfered walkie-talkie, Ren manages to intercept a radio message by Yuan to capture the White Tai's daughter and orders Lu Zhang to do it. The rest of the underlings are assigned to deal with Ryo and Ren before the "special guest" arrives. Having heard the message, Ren reveals to Ryo that the person they are referring to is Joy. At that same time, Joy is met by Lu who is accompanied by some members who demanded that Joy follow them, before noticing that Wong has escaped. She refuses to do so and also refuses to disclose where Wong is. This leads her to be knocked out by Lu. Inside of the vents, Wong circumnavigates through them and finds himself inside the room Yuanda Zhu is in. Yuan is also about to enter the room, so Wong creates a distraction from the vents by throwing rats onto Yuan, terrifying him. Elsewhere, Ryo and Ren manage to find Joy locked up in the basement, but are confronted by Lu, the fighter Ryo was originally supposed to fight in the underground arena. Utilizing the teachings of Wude, Ryo defeats Lu and gives his name to him before he falls unconscious. Joy regains consciousness and Ren hears from the walkie-talkie that Wong has Yuanda. After dealing with the man that chased after Wong earlier that day, Wong and Yuanda are confronted by Dou in the elevator. Elsewhere, Ryo's group is confronted by a deranged knife-wielding Yuan who attacks the group, but thanks to the combined efforts of Ren and Ryo, they easily defeat him and handcuff him to the elevator banister. After Yuan is successfully interrogated for information about where the trade-off is being held, the group head for the rooftop and there Ryo spots Lan Di in the sky who is riding a helicopter towards the rooftop.
Transcription: "Shenmū" (Japanese: 莎木)
Chikara SakuraiChikara SakuraiMay 1, 2022 (2022-05-01)July 26, 2022
Now facing Lan Di face to face since his father's murder, memories of Ryo's encounter with him flash into his head as Joy and Ren arrive behind him. They spot Yuanda Zhu and their attention is brought over to Dou Niu who holds Wong over the edge of the roof. He threatens the two to not take another step or else he'll drop him. Now on the rooftop, Lan Di catches one of Ryo's punches and counters with a couple of moves of his own. Lan Di compliments Ryo's improvement, but still easily overwhelms him making Ren come to his aid, warning him not to get wound up. Yuanda tries to strike a deal with Lan Di that he'll tell him what he wants to know in exchange for Dou releasing the boy, to which Lan Di accepts. Dou tosses Wong aside and Joy rushes over to him. Yuanda wheels himself over to Lan Di and tells him that what he wants is in Bailu Village. Lan Di proceeds to ride away on the helicopter, and Dou is left to finish off Ryo and Ren, who smashes them against the fence wall. Ren tells Ryo that him charging in to face Lan Di had him fighting blindly and missing everything that's currently happening in front of them. Ryo has an epiphany about what Lishao once told him. Ryo faces off against Dou, while Ren takes care of the men who directly work for Lan Di. Now at Dou's mercy, Ryo recalls all of the advice given to him by his father and others who he encountered on his journey. From there, Ryo manages to get the upper hand on Dou and uses the Swallow Dive move on him. Ren takes care of Lan Di's men, while Ryo stays true to the teachings of Wude and finishes Dou with the Counter Elbow Assault. Watching Lan Di as he flies off into distance on the helicopter, Ryo sees him glare back. Afterward at Ren's hideout, Yuanda learns from Ryo that his father died at the hands of Lan Di. In turn, Yuanda explains that Lan Di sought revenge against Iwao for allegedly killing his own father Sunming Zhao and also reveals Lan Di's real name to be Longsun Zhao. Ryo shows Yuanda the Phoenix mirror in his possession and he informs them about its history. Furthermore, it's discussed that Lan Di is currently heading to the location where the two mirrors were crafted, the Bailu Village in Guilin. Ryo sets his eyes on following Lan Di to the village. Eventually, Ryo plans to depart Hong Kong and says his goodbyes to Joy and Wong. He later visits the Man Mo Temple, and says his farewells to Fangmei and Hanhui, and then Lishao who gives him a yang magatama. Hoping that he doesn't succumb to the same fate as her brother, Ryo assures her that he won't and that believes that her brother is alive. Joy is shown visiting her mother's grave while Wong is shown to have gotten himself a job. Now on a boat heading into Guilin, Ryo looks at the picture of his father and Sunming Zhao. At Yingshuihe River, Ryo sits under a tree to avoid getting wet from the downpour of rain. He spots a lamb trapped in the fast currents of the river and witnesses a young girl dive into the river to save it. Ryo dives into the water himself and rescues them both. Ryo falls unconscious and after dreaming off he soon finds himself awakening in the young girl's house. The girl introduces herself as Shenhua. After he introduces himself and learns that they're in the same village he was looking for, Ryo rushes outside and sees the same tree he saw in the dream. Shenhua informs Ryo that it's called the Shenmue tree and reveals the history behind it along with her connection towards it. Back inside the house, Ryo finds a diaphragm that matches the mirrors and Shenhua recites the mirror's history with the village. The two visit the cave where the mirrors have connections and there Shenhua reads a message from her father and the two go deeper into the cave. In the end, Ryo and Shenhua find a place where one of the mirrors can be placed and after placing it, they bear witness to one of the cave's secrets. There, the episode ends with a title card assuring the viewers that the story continues.


  1. ^ Warner Bros. Television dropped its license share for tax deduction purposes in 2022 and only retains the rights for digital downloads.[1]
  2. ^ English titles are taken from Adult Swim.
  3. ^ a b Information is taken from the ending credits of each episode.
  4. ^ Adult Swim listed the series as premiering on February 5, 2022, at 12:30 a.m. (24:30) EST/PST, which is effectively February 6. The English sub launched simultaneously on Crunchyroll.


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