Shenton Way

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Shenton Way
Name transcription(s)
 • Chinese 珊頓道
 • Malay Jalan Shenton
Shenton Way 2, Jan 06.JPG
Country  Singapore

Shenton Way (Chinese: 珊顿道) is a major trunk road in Singapore's central business district, most known for the commercial skyscrapers flanking both sides of the road. The road is a one-way street which starts at the junction of Cross Street, Central Boulevard and Raffles Quay and ends at Keppel Road. Built almost entirely on reclaimed land in what was once the Telok Ayer Basin, it was named after Sir Shenton Thomas, Governor of Singapore 1934–1946, to commemorate his decision to stay in the city during the Japanese occupation of Singapore.

Officially opened in 1951, it became known as Singapore's Wall Street when commercial developments and government offices were built there from the 1970s onwards, and continues to be a prime commercial address almost on par with that of Raffles Place today.

Buildings along Shenton Way[edit]


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