Shenyang Aircraft Corporation

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Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
IndustryCivilian aircraft manufacturing, defense
Founded1951; 70 years ago (1951)
HeadquartersShenyang, Liaoning, China
Key people
Xie Genhua[1]
ProductsMilitary aircraft
Number of employees
ParentAviation Industry Corporation of China
Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
Traditional Chinese瀋陽飛機工業(集團)有限公司
Simplified Chinese沈阳飞机工业(集团)有限公司
Literal meaningShenyang Aircraft Industry (Group) Company Limited

Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SAC) or Shenyang Aerospace Corporation is a Chinese civilian and military aircraft manufacturer located in Shenyang, Liaoning, a subsidiary of the state-owned aircraft manufacturer AVIC. Founded in 1951 as the classified 112 Factory, it is the earliest aircraft manufacturer in the People's Republic of China.[2] Many aircraft manufacturers in China such as Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group or Guizhou Aircraft Industry Co. were founded with help from Shenyang. The company mainly focuses on designing and manufacturing civilian and military aircraft, as well as their related components including jet engines. It is also involved in the development of UAVs and drones.[3]

Shenyang Aerospace has been cited for its success in developing China's second fifth-generation aircraft and stealth fighter jet, after Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group, and the first line of Chinese fighter jet engines. Its achievements, together with Chengdu Aircraft, led China to become the second country in the world (first in Asia) to possess fifth-generation and stealth technology, as well as the production of its own domestic engines.[4][5]

Partnership with Cessna[edit]

On 27 November 2007, Cessna announced that the Cessna 162 Light Sport Aircraft would be produced by the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation.[6] The first production Cessna 162 took flight at Shenyang on 17 September 2009. The aircraft was not a success and production ended in January 2014 after 192 were sold.[7][8][9]




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