Shenyang International Finance Center

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Shenyang International Finance Center
General information
Status Stale proposal[1]
Type Office[2]
Location Shenyang
People's Republic of China
Coordinates 41°48′52″N 123°26′09″E / 41.814422°N 123.435908°E / 41.814422; 123.435908Coordinates: 41°48′52″N 123°26′09″E / 41.814422°N 123.435908°E / 41.814422; 123.435908
Antenna spire 428 m (1,404 ft)[1]
Roof 428 m (1,404 ft)[2]
Technical details
Floor count 89[1]
Floor area 570,000 m2 (6,135,000 sq ft)[2]

The Shenyang International Finance Center (Chinese: 瀋陽國際金融中心) is a late-modernist supertall skyscraper proposed for construction in Shenyang, China.[2] The office tower is set to rise 427 metres (1,401 ft) and contain 89 floors, plus three basement levels. Construction of the 570,000 square metres (6,135,000 sq ft)-glass and steel building was expected to be complete in 2012.[2]


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