Shenzhen College of International Education

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Shenzhen College of International Education
Huanggang Park 1st Street, Futian District, Shenzhen, GD China.

TypePrivate International College
MottoSincerity, Compassion, Industry, Enthusiasm
PrincipalNeil Mobsby

Shenzhen College of International Education (Simplified Chinese: 深圳国际交流学院, Traditional Chinese: 深圳國際交流學院), more widely known by its acronym SCIE, is an international high school situated immediately north of the Hong Kong - Shenzhen border, in Shenzhen, China. The school offers Cambridge IGCSE and A-level courses, and is chiefly taught in English.

In a 2016 ranking of Chinese oversea study high schools, SCIE ranked number 14 in mainland China in terms of the number of students entering top American universities.[1][2]


The Shenzhen College of International Education was founded in 2003 through the approval of the Shenzhen Educational department, and it became the first full-time Chinese international college authorized by the Cambridge International Examination(CIE).[3]

Academic Atmosphere[edit]

SCIE conducts IGCSE and A-Level systems of learning, and thus different from normal high schools of China. The students in SCIE share high freedom in organising their own times and schedules.


Since the foundation the school executes a policy known as "The English Policy", which states that all academic staff and students in SCIE must use English as their prioritised language on campus. The international nature of the school also requires English to be the sole lingua franca. In light of this policy most lessons are taught in English (with the exception of P.E. and Chinese). As time moves forward students are more and more willing to abide by this policy, with regards to the nature of oversea studies' challenging language skills requirements. Because of the multilingualistic lessons' introduction in SCIE, Spanish and Japanese are also used.


There are over 90 full-time teachers to teach the students at the college led by the Executive Director Joe Greenwood and the Principal Neil Mobsby. The 91 teachers include 49 foreign teachers to further educate students in the college. The college provides the following courses: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Commerce, English, History, Geography, Computer Science, Psychology, Music, Spanish, Japanese, Sociology, PE, Drama and Arts.

College Achievements[edit]

Between 2004-2012, the A-level examination has surpassed the United Kingdom's average by 25 percent. The Chief Executive Officer of Cambridge International Examinations Ken Murray wrote a congratulatory letter to congratulate on such achievement. In March 2006, Cambridge International Examination has posted in the "International Outlook" (Section 20) the graduates of 2005 at Shenzhen College of International Education where they will be headed towards and as well as the program they were confirmed in.

In between the years 2005-2012, a total of 880 graduates from Shenzhen College of International Education received offer from various American, British, Canadian, Australian and Hong Kong Universities.[4]


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