Shenzhen Japanese School

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Shenzhen Japanese School
Shenzhen Japanese School is located in Guangdong
Shenzhen Japanese School
Shenzhen Japanese School
Shenzhen Japanese School is located in China
Shenzhen Japanese School
Shenzhen Japanese School
295 Gongye 8th Road, Nanshan Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong
Coordinates22°30′05″N 113°55′03″E / 22.501345°N 113.917554°E / 22.501345; 113.917554
Shenzhen Japanese School
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese深圳日本人學校
Simplified Chinese深圳日本人学校
Japanese name

The Shenzhen Japanese School is a Japanese international school in the Xinchen Dasha[note 1],[1] Shekou Industrial Zone, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.[2][3] As of 2007, the largest group of foreigners in Shenzhen are in Shekou, and the Japanese school was one of many foreign schools in that area.[4]


Haitao Hotel, the original location of the school

Around 2004 the Shenzhen Japanese Chamber of Commerce suggested establishing a Japanese school.[2] Shenzhen Fuji Xerox and several other Japanese companies sponsored the Japanese school. It was scheduled to begin operations in April 2008.[5] On April 23, 2008 the Ministry of Education of China approved the establishment of the school.[6] The school opened on Friday June 13, 2008. At that time the school had 39 students and 17 teachers.[2] The school initially occupied an area on the second floor of the Haitao Hotel[note 2] in Shekou. The school was scheduled to move out within three years and take a permanent facility.[5]

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