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Shenzhen Senior High School(深圳市高级中学),“Purple Castle(紫色城堡)”by students,was founded in September 1997 in Shenzhen, the North campus was added in September 2003. On 7 May 2010, it merged with Shen Nan High School, which became the Junior School.[1] The school occupies about 70000 square meters with more than 70 classes and 4000 students.

Focus and Strength[edit]

Unlike traditional Chinese junior and high schools, the school encourages its student to develop their potentials in various fields including art as well as academic study.


Founded in 1997, with only ten classes and 539 students, Shenzhen Senior High School has developed readily to 104 classes with more than 5000 students in 2012. The school is now widely known in shenzhen city for its rapid development and is recognized as one of "Four Famous Schools"(四大名校). During its expansion, the school added north campus in September 2003, and merged with Shen Nan High School in May 2010. Paralleled with its rapid expansion, the undergraduate on-line rate and famous universities on-line rate have increased to 99% and 58% respectively in 2011.[2]

Students Life[edit]

School has a very strict schedule for students since the school is a boarding school.Students should wake up at 6:25am and make their way to class before 7:20 am.The morning classes end at 12:00am.The afternoon classes last from 2:10pm to 4:30pm, but for senior 3 students, the schedule often extends to 5:20pm for the preparation of national colledge entrance exam, or gaokao. From 4:30pm to 7:00pm, students are free to participate in variety of extracurricular activities ranging from model united nations to Rugby varsity. But it is not so lucky for senior 3 students, who have tighter schedule that they have to make their way back to class before 6:30pm after the afternoon class that ends at 5:20pm. The night self-learning classes normally start at 7:00pm, or 6:30pm for senior 3 students,and end at 10:00pm, or 10:30pm for senior 3 students.
A unique tradition of the school is that every year, almost every senior 2 student would visit the Jinggang mountain(井冈山) to live and work with local farmer and students for about one week. This tradition has lasted for many years.
About Eating: School provides affordable breakfast, lunch, dinner and night snack with various types of food for students. Students are also free to eat other snacks in school shop, or xiaomaibu(小卖部).
About clothing: Students are required to wear uniform, but students are still allowed to wear class uniform designed by students themselves in special days like sports meet.


In recent years, the quality of the school has continued to improve at amazing rate .[3] The minimum passing score in high school entrance exam, or zhongkao(中考) of the school has increased from 600 in 2004, to 641 in 2007.[4] The school has educated 2 zhuangyuan(状元), meaning the "No.1" in national colledge entrance exam, gaokao(高考), 2 liberal arts Zhuangyuan(文科状元), and 15 single subject Zhuangyuan(单科状元). The undergraduate on-line rate and famous universities on-line rate have increased to 99% and 58% respectively in 2011.[4]
The school is also strong at National Mathematical Olypiad and National Chemistry Olympiad, with the accomplishment of 5 gold medals and 3 silver medals. 17 students gained their guarantee to Tsing Hua University, and Peking University for their excellent performance during the competitions. [2]


Shenzhen Senior High School Dancing Team[edit]

Director: Jie Gao
Being one of the best student dancing teams in China, shenzhen senior high school dancing team has sent graduates to top universities such as Tsing Hua University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Fudan University. Though the team only do trainings on intervals between academic schedules, its members have reached a nearly professional standard of dance skills which provides them with the alternative choice of pursuing a profession in dance, as many of them entered top dance colleges like Peking Dance Academy.

No.1 in National Primary Middle School Dance Competition Season One (A memory of the military experience)
No.1 in National Primary Middle School Dance Competition Season Two (Growing Up Together)


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