Shenzhen Special Zone Press Tower

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The Shenzhen Special Zone Press Tower in Futian District

The Shenzhen Special Zone Press Tower is a 262-metre (860 foot) tall skyscraper located in the Futian borough of Shenzhen, China. The tower was completed in 1998 and has 47 floors above ground and 3 underground floors.

The building is the 69th tallest existing building in the world when measured up to the highest architectural point and the 5th tallest in Shenzhen.

It is 187 metres to the roof and 167 metres to the main roof above the curved glass curtain.

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Coordinates: 22°32′37.2″N 114°02′25.7″E / 22.543667°N 114.040472°E / 22.543667; 114.040472